97th Percentile TEAS VI Score

Succeed on the TEAS VI

Do you want a 97th Percentile TEAS VI Score like Adrianna, a recent Adkins Academy client? If so, our TEAS VI Prep Course is for you! Taught by Brian Adkins, M.D., MBA, a medical doctor and TEAS 6 instructor, our TEAS & HESI Prep Virtual course includes over 35 hours of LIVE, interactive class time, over 500 practice questions, and flexible office hours where you can go over questions with Dr. Adkins one-on-one.

As you probably know, getting into nursing school is extremely competitive. Many school are receiving over 600 applications for less than 60 seats. You must succeed on the TEAS VI, meaning you need to score in the top 5% or 10% nationally and have a competitive GPA too! For example, many BSN programs look for TEAS VI scores in the mid to high 80s, so 87.3 which is a 97th Percentile TEAS VI Score nationally. The Adkins Academy guarantees you will score in the 85th Percentile or you can take our course again for FREE! Yes, FREE! If that doesn’t show you how committed to your TEAS 6 success Dr. Adkins and his team are, I don’t know what will.

To achieve a 97th Percentile TEAS VI Score, you must be ready to study and make it a priority. After completing our 5-week course, where classes are offered every Sunday and Wednesday, YOU WILL score 85th Percentile nationally or higher, we guarantee it! Call our office today at (301) 960-4950 to save a spot in our next TEAS VI prep class!


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