99th Percentile TEAS VI Score

TEAS 6 science questions

Can you imagine earning a 99th percentile TEAS VI score? Well, do not imagine any longer! It can and WILL happen with the help of The Adkins Academy, Inc TEAS VI Prep Course. Our course includes over 35 hours of LIVE, interactive class time with Dr. Brian Adkins, M.D., MBA, over 500 practice questions that are reviewed with you, and access to our online grammar practice question bank! As if you aren’t already picking up the phone to call us, our TEAS VI course includes EVEN MORE! Included in your tuition you will also have access to speak with Dr. Adkins  directly outside of class time with flexible office hours where you can contact him with your questions.  ADDITIONALLY, you can retake our course again for FREE if you do not meet the guaranteed score of 85 or better! We really want you to succeed and achieve a 99th Percentile TEAS VI Score too.

The picture above is only one example of the hundreds of students who have achieved success with The Adkins Academy help! Do not wait any longer, call us today at (301) 960-4950 to sign up for our next TEAS VI prep class! Take The Adkins Academy TEAS VI Prep Virtual Course, stick to the strategies, ask questions, study and you too WILL receive a 99th percentile TEAS VI score!


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