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Exemplary TEAS VI Score

Do you want to earn an exemplary TEAS VI score like the one pictured above? If you answered yes, do NOT look any further! The Adkins Academy TEAS VI Prep Course is the program for you! Our course includes OVER 500 TEAS VI style practice questions, OVER 35 hours of live interactive class time, and […]

99th Percentile TEAS VI Score

Can you imagine earning a 99th percentile TEAS VI score? Well, do not imagine any longer! It can and WILL happen with the help of The Adkins Academy, Inc TEAS VI Prep Course. Our course includes over 35 hours of LIVE, interactive class time with Dr. Brian Adkins, M.D., MBA, over 500 practice questions that are […]

97th Percentile TEAS VI Score

Do you want a 97th Percentile TEAS VI Score like Adrianna, a recent Adkins Academy client? If so, our TEAS VI Prep Course is for you! Taught by Brian Adkins, M.D., MBA, a medical doctor and TEAS 6 instructor, our TEAS & HESI Prep Virtual course includes over 35 hours of LIVE, interactive class time, […]

Calculators On TEAS VI

The TEAS VI has been out for over a year now and everyone is still talking about calculators on TEAS VI! Depending on who you ask they may say it’s the best thing ever or it is the worst change on the test. I truly hate to be the bearer of bad news, but calculators […]

Successful TEAS VI Score

If you are struggling to achieve a successful TEAS VI score do not feel alone! It does not mean you should give up on your dream of nursing school, it simply means you need to reevaluate how you study and how you learn. To do this, it is essential to understand the TEAS VI and the […]

TEAS VI English

The TEAS VI English is the last section you’ll complete on the TEAS. You may be tired at this point in the almost 4-hour test or English may not be your first language, making the TEAS VI English section difficult to master. In this section you’ll answer 28 questions in 28 minutes. This only gives […]

Study Tips for Nursing School Exams

Are you struggling in nursing school? It can be quite difficult to memorize all the steps in a head-to-toe assessment, all the needle gauge sizes for an intradermal, subcutaneous, or intramuscular injection, signs and symptoms of hundreds of diseases, and medications uses and side-effects. Taking one day at a time is essential for succeeding in […]

Competitive Nursing School Application

With nursing school application deadlines approaching quickly, it is essential to know what each school you are applying to is looking for. Some schools may take your extracurricular activities and letters of recommendation into consideration, while other schools base their acceptance on GPA and TEAS VI score alone. This means that your nursing prerequisites, as […]

Perfect TEAS VI English Score

What if I told you there was a way you could receive a perfect TEAS VI English score? Yes, I said it… PERFECT!! As shown in the picture above, The Adkins Academy TEAS VI Prep Course prepares students to excel in every way possible. Taught by Brian Adkins, M.D., MBA, our course includes 5 classes, specific […]

Successful Student

Getting accepted into nursing school is a huge accomplishment, especially with the recent increase in applications received by each school – very stiff competition. The latest statistics show that schools are receiving around 500 – 700 applications per admission period!! This means that it is essential to have both a competitive TEAS VI score as […]

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