Competitive Nursing School Application

Competitive Nursing School Application

With nursing school application deadlines approaching quickly, it is essential to know what each school you are applying to is looking for. Some schools may take your extracurricular activities and letters of recommendation into consideration, while other schools base their acceptance on GPA and TEAS VI score alone. This means that your nursing prerequisites, as well as your cumulative GPA must be extremely competitive. Whether you are applying to an ADN or BSN program, as well as LPN, affects how competitive your application must be. The majority of the BSN programs in the country will not accept you if you do not have a TEAS VI score of at least 85 and a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher! This mean you must finish almost all of your prerequisite classes with an A. While the process of applying to nursing school is stressful, knowing you submitted a competitive nursing school application can help ease your nerves as you wait for the school’s answer.

The key to submitting a competitive nursing school application is being prepared. Do NOT wait until the last minute to fill out your application! When the application opens, begin filling it out and make sure every piece of information is accurate and true. If your application has an essay portion, begin writing the essay weeks or even months in advance. This will give you time to edit and review your paper before submitting it to the nursing college of your choice.

Aside from filling out your application carefully and early, having a competitive nursing school application is developed during your prerequisites. Without a successful grade in your A&P or Microbiology courses, the chances of being accepted to nursing school are slim. Your TEAS VI score is also very important and can be the deciding factor between whether you get accepted or not. Lucky for you The Adkins Academy has all the resources you need to make a competitive nursing school application.

By taking our TEAS VI Prep Course we guarantee success! Our course includes over 33 hours of live interactive class time, as well as over 500 TEAS-style questions. Dr. Adkins works hard to make sure you are prepared when you take your TEAS VI exam. Several students just like you have taken our course after struggling with the TEAS and passed with Advanced scores (85 or higher) and are now successful nursing students. Give us a call at (301) 960-4950 to save your spot in our next TEAS VI Prep Class! We look forward to helping you complete a competitive nursing school application.


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