Nursing School is Hard!

Nursing School is Hard

“There is no easy, less intimating way to describe nursing school. Nursing school is hard! The 8+ hours of class time, 12-hour clinical shifts, and the countless hours you will spend studying will make nursing school seem like an obstacle you will never be able to overcome. My first day of nursing school began bright and early at 7:30 am for Pathophysiology! This class was 3-hours long of lecture, and was followed by a 2-hour Health Assessment class. With an hour break for lunch and another 3-hour Essentials of Nursing class, I realized I had been at school for 9 hours and been in class for 8. My first day was overwhelming to say the least, and repeats twice a week with one day being focused on the didactic learning and one hands-on lab learning time.

These days do not include hours spent at clinicals, which I currently have 2 days a week beginning as early as 6:30 am. And this is only my first semester schedule! If you’re thinking the other 3 days I get to sleep in, you’re wrong. I have to wake up early and go to work or study the material learned in lecture and lab that week, while also preparing myself for the next week. Before nursing school I made my own schedule, slept in, and cut my current studying time in half. That is what sets nursing apart from other college majors. As you go throughout nursing school you are given a schedule that you must follow, are expected to know the information that will be talked about in lecture before class, and must maintain a certain percentage on exams to move forward in the program. You must learn to be organized and prepared and must have a passion for what you are learning. THIS WILL BE A HUGE SACRIFICE of time, money, energy, intellect, etc.

In class, there are no review days where you will go over and relearn what was taught to you in your prerequisite courses, which is one of the main reasons nursing school is hard. The information you are learning now or did learn in your prereqs will follow you through nursing school. That is one reason you are require by many schools to take the TEAS VI. It tests your basic understanding of topics you were taught. Because of this, investing in a TEAS VI Prep Course like The Adkins Academy is key to success. Dr. Adkins reviews math topics such as percentages, decimals, Roman Numerals, and ratios that are essential to know in the nursing field. For example, my first test was on basic math concepts used in medication. Roman Numerals are used to grade the abuse potential of controlled substances, such as Dilaudid. Without the basic understanding of such concepts you could put your patient’s life at risk.

I did not write all the above information to scare you or discourage you from pursuing a career in nursing. While nursing school is hard, it is not impossible. You must invest your whole self physically, mentally, and emotionally into the program, including preparing for the TEAS VI. Listen to Dr. Adkins during your review classes, ask questions, take notes, and study, study, study!! Yes, outside of class time too! Review the material that was taught in class and take practice tests over and over again. Use the materials Dr. Adkins provides to you, he knows his stuff and only trying to help you. There is no denying nursing school is hard, but I can guarantee you it is worth it. I might have a year and a half left of nursing school, but I know I will use the tools I learned in my prereqs and The Adkins Academy TEAS VI Prep Course with Dr. Adkins to succeed on my journey towards becoming a nurse.”

Previous client of The Adkins Academy, Inc TEAS Prep Course and University of Central Florida Nursing Student




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