Study Tips for Nursing School Exams

Study Tips for Nursing School Exams

Are you struggling in nursing school? It can be quite difficult to memorize all the steps in a head-to-toe assessment, all the needle gauge sizes for an intradermal, subcutaneous, or intramuscular injection, signs and symptoms of hundreds of diseases, and medications uses and side-effects. Taking one day at a time is essential for succeeding in nursing school. Dozens of assignments, exams, and long clinical hours can be very overwhelming. The following study tips for nursing school exams will have you SUCCEEDING in no time!

  1. Read material BEFORE class. It is essential to read and review the assigned chapters before class!! In nursing school, you are expected to understand what will be discussed in lecture on Monday morning, or whenever you have class. By reading the material before class it enables you to walk into lecture with questions about topics you may not understand and it also enables you to listen closely to specific details that separate similar diseases or medications.
  2. Study a little bit EVERY DAY! You must have known when you applied to nursing school that it would not be easy. Saving all the material until the night before an exam (which usually covers 8-10 chapters) is not smart! You are setting yourself up for failure. While cramming for a test may have worked in your prerequisites, I am sorry to share it will not work in nursing school. Developing effective study tips for nursing school exams will result in successful exam scores!
  3. Ask for help if you are struggling. If you are struggling in a particular class, such as Med-Surg or Pharmacology, do not wait to ask for help! Get a tutor, email your professor with questions, and find a good, effective study group! By seeking help and asking other professionals for clarification you will be using good study tips for nursing school exams, which I promise will result in success!

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