Successful Student

Successful Student

Getting accepted into nursing school is a huge accomplishment, especially with the recent increase in applications received by each school – very stiff competition. The latest statistics show that schools are receiving around 500 – 700 applications per admission period!! This means that it is essential to have both a competitive TEAS VI score as well as an excellent GPA. The successful student showcased in the text image above utilized the resources The Adkins Academy provides and was accepted to her 1st choice nursing school.

When considering different nursing schools and ADN or BSN programs, it is important to research the tuition and scholarships the schools offers. The majority of public schools will have a tuition significantly lower than private school. While private schools can range from $30,000 to over $150,000, most public school will be less than $30,000!!! Some are only $500 per semester, huge saving. Without a competitive GPA and TEAS score, as well as impressive extracurricular activities, the likely-hood of getting accepted or offered a scholarship to a public school is very slim – you have to be in the top 5% (85 AIT score) and beyond. This tuition does not include books, study material, scrub uniforms, or medical equipment like stethoscopes.

The Adkins Academy offers several review classes that ensure you WILL be a successful student! From ACT and SAT prep classes, to TEAS/HESI prep, individualized review classes to help you with nursing school classes you’re struggling through, and the NCLEX exam! Dr. Adkins takes pride in helping you become a successful student throughout all stages of education. The Adkins Academy Team would love to be a part of your success journey! Call us today at (301) 960-4950 to learn more about the prep courses offered at The Adkins Academy!


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