Taking the TEAS VI

Taking the TEAS VI

Taking the TEAS VI is quite intimidating, however, with the following tips you’ll be able to relax, focus, and do your best of the TEAS VI!

First, you have to have a basic understanding of what the TEAS VI is about. Created by ATI, it is a comprehensive test that tests your basic understanding of information learned in your previous years of education – your college prerequisites. The test is broken down into 4 sections: Reading, Math, Science, and English. Each section has different allotted times and number of questions. The Reading section will cover your ability to comprehend and interpret reading passages, maps, figure, graphs, and, more importantly, your ability to follow directions. The Math section tests your ability to solve basic math equation and comprehend what the question is asking by including tables, graphs, and word problems. The science section covers what should have been learned in your college science courses, such as Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Genetics, and of course Microbiology. The English section will test your knowledge on basic grammar rules, such as comma, spelling, subject-verb agreement, and capitalization.

After understanding what makes up the dreaded TEAS VI, you MUST study!! This test is not one where you should just try to “wing it” or just take it to “see how it goes.” This test separates those who will be accepted into nursing school or not. Most schools around the country are receiving 300 to 700 applications for 30 – 70 seats. You do the math; only 10% or less of applicants are actually getting in to competitive nursing school programs for the BSN or ADN degree.

Unfortunately, saying you can’t study because you have other classes is not a good excuse because when you are in nursing school you will be studying for the NCLEX, while attending lectures and clinicals. Now is the time to practice time management!!

Now, after months or weeks of studying it is the night before and you are worrying about taking the TEAS VI. It is essential that you get an adequate amount of sleep the night before your test because without the proper amount of sleep your brain will not function properly and you will not do as well as you can on the TEAS VI test. You also must eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast before taking the TEAS VI. Without breakfast, your brain will not have the energy to work through the hundreds of questions. By the way, let’s be honest, you don’t want to be the only person in a silent room experiencing loud stomach growls.

While taking the TEAS VI, remember to work quickly, but efficiently. There is no point in rushing through the test if you are not going to think each problem through to the correct answer. Learn more about developing and using proven TEAS VI test strategies and skills with The Adkins Academy TEAS VI Prep Course taught by Dr. Adkins in a LIVE online small class format. Our course includes over 35 hours of live, interactive class time where you will work through over 500 high-yield  practice questions one-by-one with key explanations and strategies! After taking The Adkins Academy TEAS VI Prep Course,  we guarantee you will feel confident when taking the TEAS VI and score above an 85 AIT Score or you can retake our TEAS VI course for FREE! Call us today at (301) 960-4950 to save your spot in our next TEAS VI Prep Course!


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