TEAS VI English

TEAS VI English

The TEAS VI English is the last section you’ll complete on the TEAS. You may be tired at this point in the almost 4-hour test or English may not be your first language, making the TEAS VI English section difficult to master. In this section you’ll answer 28 questions in 28 minutes. This only gives you 1 minute per question, meaning you can NOT waste any time second guessing your answer or re-reading the questions. Examples of possible questions include being able to identify the correct vocabulary word or meaning, misspelled words, punctuation errors, sentence structure errors, as well as being able to put together a well-developed and comprehensible paragraph. It is hard to believe ATI is able to test you on so many different English aspects in only 28 questions but they do.

Despite the challenging questions on the TEAS VI English Section, The Adkins Academy TEAS VI Prep Course makes those complex and often wordy questions simple. Created and taught by medical doctor, Dr. Brian J. Adkins, you will be taught how to answer the TEAS VI English Section questions in seconds, literally. The strategies taught during class make it easy to identify correct punctuation marks, sentence elements, vocabulary, and sentence structure errors. The strategies taught also enable you to put together a paragraph easily without having to read and re-read each sentence multiple times. This will not only save you time on the test, but it will also prepare you for the critical thinking and advanced vocabulary you will need to succeed in nursing school.

The Adkins Academy TEAS VI Prep Course includes over 32 hours of live-interactive class time, where Dr. Adkins will review over 500 practice questions that will help prepare you for the TEAS VI. Included in your tuition you will also be able to access our online grammar question bank which contains over 1000 TEAS VI English style questions. Additionally, you will have access to flexible office hours where you can call Dr. Adkins personally and ask questions regarding questions or concepts you continue to struggle with.

As if, this prep course could not get any better right? Well it can and it does! The Adkins Academy takes pride in guaranteeing you will score a 85 or better after taking our course or you can retake the entire course for FREE! That is how confident Dr. Adkins and his team are that you will pass your TEAS VI.

Give us a call today at (301) 960-4950 to secure your spot in our next TEAS VI prep class! We look forward to helping you conquer the TEAS VI English Section, as well as the rest of the test!


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