TEAS VI Success

TEAS VI Success

Even with the ATI TEAS VI Study Manual and other mediocre TEAS VI review guides, obtaining TEAS VI success is not ease, but with the right prep program it is totally POSSIBLE!!!! If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the Vanessa’s TEAS VI success, she scored a 90 on her TEAS VI!!!

The Adkins Academy, created by Brian Adkins, M.D., MBA, was established to help students like you accomplish your goal of gaining acceptance into a ADN or BSN nursing program. Dr. Adkins’ primary goal is to help you attain TEAS VI success after completing The Adkins Academy TEAS VI Prep Virtual Course.

The Adkins Academy TEAS VI Prep Course includes 5 classes, each one focusing on a different section of the TEAS (Reading, Math, Science, English) and the fifth class focusing on reviewing and testing your knowledge of TEAS VI concepts. This course includes over 35 hours of LIVE, interactive class time where you, Dr. Adkins, and other pre-nursing students will work together to go through over 500 practice questions!!

This TEAS VI Prep Course focuses on practicing the concepts and applying your knowledge of real TEAS VI concept and medically relevant questions. Dr. Adkins also provides flexible office hours where you are able to ask him specific questions regarding topics you do not understand well. Your TEAS VI Success is his mission but he also requires that it is your mission as well. Consider Dr. Adkins your personal TEAS VI coach; he will lead you to TEAS VI success when you put in the work.

With a TEAS VI prep program as superb as this one, it is no wonder why hundreds of our clients have accomplished TEAS VI success and are in nursing school all around the country! Call us today at (301) 960-4950 to save your spot in our next TEAS VI prep class and you too will accomplish TEAS VI success!!

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