TEAS VI Time Management

TEAS VI Time Management with The Adkins Academy TEAS Test Prep Course

TEAS VI time management can be a difficult skill to master. With less than a minute to answer each question, it is not surprising that many don’t finish the sections on time. If you find yourself to be one of these people, do not stress! The following are just a couple tips taught by Dr. Brian Adkins during The Adkins Academy TEAS VI Virtual Prep Course..

  1. Read the TEAS VI Reading Passages once. Not wasting time by rereading each complex passage multiple times is essential to effective time management on the TEAS Reading section. In our TEAS 6 prep course, Dr. Adkins teaches you strategies that enables you to organize the questions so you only have to read each passage ONCE! Even better, Dr. Adkins will show you how to answer some questions without ever reading the passage to significantly improve your TEAS VI time management. <br>
  2. Think inside the box. The majority of the questions on the TEAS have one clear correct answer. This means you will waste valuable time by overthinking each question if you don’t focus on the pertinent information given. <br>
  3. Do not use your calculator for every question in the Math section.  As you will learn in The Adkins Academy TEAS 6 Prep Course, many of the math section questions are less about mathematics as much as they are about logical reasoning and thinking critically. Wasting time computing simple math in your simplistic calculator is terrible TEAS VI time management practices. Skip the calculator – Dr. Adkins will show you exactly how to work through every TEAS VI Math question without the use of a calculator. <br>
  4. Have a strong foundation of knowledge before taking the TEAS.  Contrary to what you might think, the TEAS 6 is not the kind of test you should walk into and “wing it.” The questions that make up the TEAS VI question your knowledge on information you should have learned throughout high school and in your college prerequisites. Moreover, you MUST be able to apply your knowledge of the various concepts not just regurgitate.

While the few tips regarding time management on the TEAS may seem simple, it is quite hard to master them if you have not completed the proper prep and study time. The Adkins Academy offers a live interactive TEAS 6 prep course with medical doctor, Dr. Brian Adkins, that guarantees you will score in the Advanced or Exemplary category (score of 80’s or higher) on the ATI TEAS 6 test. After registering for this comprehensive prep course you will complete over 35 hours of live class time, over 500 TEAS-styled practice problems, as well as access to Dr. Adkins flexible office hours and online question bank that contains hundreds of questions.

The Adkins Academy takes pride in helping you succeed and develop efficient time management strategies on the TEAS 6. If you do not meet our guaranteed TEAS score you can retake this TEAS prep course again for FREE!

Call us today at (301) 960 – 4950 to begin the registration process for our TEAS 6 Prep Course. We look forward to helping you master time management on the TEAS!



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