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The Adkins Academy has an exceptional team of experienced Medical Doctors (M.D.) poise to provide the absolute best preparation for the Test of Essential Academic Skills V (TEAS® V). As opportunities in the allied health professions continues to grow exponentially the TEAS® V exam is increasingly being required by allied health programs. Our team of healthcare experts can help clients prep for the TEAS® V and become top-notch candidates for these allied health programs. Our TEAS prep class provide interactive, TEAS content-rich concepts from instructors with advanced, practical knowledge that is immediately applicable for future healthcare professionals.

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With our TEAS Test Prep Course you will certainly learn the concepts tested of the TEAS exam. Understanding what’s on the TEAS Test is key to getting a GREAT TEAS Test Score. So here are some TEAS Test major heading and concepts:

  • Reading Comprehension Skills
  • Science Skills including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology, Anatomy & Physiology, Immunology & Clinical Application
  • Complex Comprehensive Mathematics (No Calculator)
  • English Language Usage, Vocabulary, Grammar, & Punctuation

  • The Adkins Academy team of professional instructors are experts at explaining and preparing students for standardized exams like the TEAS® V test. The TEAS® V test is offered frequently at colleges and testing centers near you but our services are offered anywhere you are via our LIVE Virtual TEAS® V Prep Courses. We offer interactive review and one-on-one TEAS® V Test Prep taught by experienced healthcare and academic professionals. We offer On-Line TEAS® Test Prep Instruction to individuals all over the United States and Canada, in cities and states from New York to Las Vegas, Houston to Los Angeles, Chicago to Wichita, Fresno to Florida, Ohio to New Jersey, Vancouver to Brampton (Canada), or essentially anywhere you are.shutterstock_60862240

    We take pride in our clients and provide a collaborative yet individualized small group on-line learning format with plenty of time for your questions. We are very committed to our clients and very adamant about answering your questions in the way that makes the most sense for you to understand the concepts.

    See our TEAS® V Prep Virtual Course Schedule and register today for our next TEAS® V Prep Class (301) 960-4950. Feel free to contact one of our professional instructors or staff members today to learn more.


    See RESULTS and Reviews for The Adkins Academy, LLC from some of our most recent SUCCESSFUL Clients:

    Exemplary Status

    Exemplary Status

    One of the Best Scores anyone has ever gotten. AMAZING JOB. EXEMPLARY STATUS!!!

    High Score First Attempt

    High Score First Attempt

    Great Job Alfredo!!! Hard work and utilizing the office hours helped you score high on your first attempt at the TEAS Test.

    This client took our course, attended additional classes with us, utilized our offices hours, complete every quiz in our grammar question-bank, and clearly learned our proven strategies.

    This client took our course, attended additional classes with us, utilized our offices hours, complete every quiz in our grammar question-bank, and clearly learned our proven strategies.

    Higher TEAS Scores with The Adkins Academy, LLC  TEAS Test Prep Course Congratulations Kayla!!!!

    Higher TEAS Scores with The Adkins Academy, LLC TEAS Test Prep Course
    Congratulations Kayla!!!!

    TEAS Prep Results
    Holly P. took copious notes, utilized the Office Hours for additional questions, and studied hard. Great Job Holly P.!!!

    This is the TEAS Score from a client who utilized our TEAS Test Prep Virtual Course to achieve EXEMPLARY status. Call today to see how you can achieve EXEMPLARY status to (301) 960-4950!!!!

    This is the TEAS Score from a client who utilized our TEAS Test Prep Virtual Course to achieve EXEMPLARY status. Call today to see how you can achieve EXEMPLARY status too. (301) 960-4950!!!!!!


      This could be YOUR SCORE that we post next!!!!

    Contact The Adkins Academy today to learn how we can help you prepare for the TEAS® V Test Today!!!

    (301) 960-4950


    1. Lina says:

      I was referred to The Adkins Academy, LLC by the college counselors of the school in which I am enrolled for TEAS preparation., I found Dr. Adkins to be most professional. He was always prepared, patient and willing to take the extra time for better explaining the questions. My scores improved significantly after working with Dr. Adkins. I would highly recommend his services to anyone of need.

      Lina G.

    2. Marvin Delgado says:

      When I first took the TEAS test last year, I did not do as good as I would have wanted to. I struggled a lot in the Science and English portions of the test. I then decided to wait a few months to take the test again, but I still was not feeling comfortable enough to take the test again. I then found The Adkins Academy Prep Course for the TEAS test. And thank God I did, Brian and his team were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and very professional. Their course helped me soooo much. Brian and his team were always willing to answer questions at different hours throughout the day and were very friendly when I called. They showed me different techniques and strategies that would help me do well on the test, and prep me in a way that I could not imagine. Long story short, I got into the 85th percentile and I’ve been accepted into the nursing program of my dreams. Thanks again Brian for all your hard work and dedication to me, you guys are the very best.

    3. Melissa M. says:

      Finding The Adkins Academy has literally changed my life! I probably had more riding on a successful TEAS V score than most. I had just finished two years of prerequisites and was attempting to gain a seat in a nursing program with a reputation of having one of the highest TEAS V entrance score requirement nationally. Nursing is a second career move for me that was happening later in my life, while balancing a family and school. I had put my nursing dreams on hold for 26 years and I didn’t have any more time to sit out even for one application period. I had already taken the test twice and was not able to score in an acceptable range to apply to my nursing program. I had to ensure that I could earn the highest possible score on my last chance. I spent countless hours trying to find a prep class when I found The Adkins Academy. I quickly called and signed up for their virtual classroom prep course.

      All sessions of my course was taught by Dr. Brian Adkins. I was completely amazed at how professional, knowledgeable and personable he was. He put me at ease right away. He understood the importance of my goals for the TEAS exam and immediately made me feel that it was now his goal as well. Brian was available both during my sessions as well as outside of session times. I felt that success was now within my reach. On test day I was nervous but felt extremely prepared. I scored in the 87th percentile with an ATI Academic Preparedness Level of Advanced. I earned my seat in one of the top nursing programs and I am not just a few weeks away from starting my first nursing class.

      Thank you Adkins Academy for helping me on the path to making my dreams come true!

    4. donnad says:

      The Adkins Academy is, by far, the very best TEAS prep course you can take! Dr. Brian Adkins is an amazing instructor. However, you must brace yourself: it’s not cheap! But if there is any way that you can scrape together the tuition, it’s totally worth it. I studied the ATI study manual cover to cover. What is lacking in the manual are core concepts that you don’t necessarily put together when you’re studying the manual. These are the concepts that you are tested on. Out of my “A” student colleagues, a few did not pass the TEAS and those who did pass were very disappointed with their low scores.
      Why is it that the majority of these smart students are not acing the TEAS? After taking the TEAS in March 2014, I understood why. And I was so glad that I had taken the Adkins Academy course. Here’s my experience:
      Initially I could not afford the course so I decided that I was going to just study on my own. I’m a smart girl… many people pass the TEAS, why wouldn’t I?! Then as my smart friends began taking the TEAS and sharing their low scores, I became nervous and decided that this was too important to leave to chance. I enrolled in the Adkins Academy course. At this point, I only had a few weeks until the deadline for me sit the TEAS and apply for upcoming programs. Even with all the studying I did, Dr. Adkins introduced core concepts and “connected the dots” for me — especially in science (which is the most heavily weighted subject). He explains why one answer is correct, and why the others are incorrect. Honestly, even if I had another month to study on my own, I would’ve never looked at the information in the “critical-thinking way” that Dr. Adkins explained it…the way it was on the test. After the Adkins Academy, I felt totally prepared and confident going into the test. And that is half the battle! I passed the TEAS on my first try in the 87th percentile with an Advanced academic preparedness level. I’ve also been accepted into a nursing program! Yay! I know I would not have scored this high studying on my own bc my nerves would’ve gotten the best of me.
      I would recommend studying the ATI manual and taking the Adkins Academy course. One subject is taught per week, so you could totally do both the manual and the academy concurrently. Have you noticed that many reviews re: TEAS say something to the effect of, “looking back, everything on the TEAS was in the manual?” Well, it is, but the way you’re tested on that information is different than how it’s presented in the manual. The manual is great for review, but what it’s missing, you’ll find at the Adkins Academy. Dr. Brian Adkins is professional and he really cares about your success. Don’t make the mistake I did! Grab your seat early and give yourself plenty of time to process the information. Take advantage of office hours to get additional questions answered. You’ll be so glad that you decided to invest in your future. Thank you for everything, Dr. Adkins!

    5. Zirley Nabi says:

      Hi guys, for those who are trying to pass the Teas Test V, The Adkins online academy is your best option. When I got the letter saying I got accepted to nursing school my first thought was, ” Crap, how in the world am I going to pass this, in only a month away of studying!” Well I googled Teas V tutoring classes, and The Adkins Academy popped up, I called and Dr. Brian Adkins picked up. I was skeptical at first, after talking to him I felt confident he knew exactly what the Teas Test was, and that he was going to give me the help necessary to pass. I gave him the exact day I was scheduled to take my exam, and Dr. Adkins gave me my schedule. It was: English, Reading, Math, science, and a comprehensive review. All of the courses are online and 4-5 hrs long, you see him, you talk to him, and ask questions. Its awsome! It gets you mentally prepared to take a four hr exam. He gives you tips and trick in all the topics. I couldn’t have passed without him. Thank you! Call him if you need to take the Teas test and think you need help!! Its worth every-penny. Thank you again!!!!

      Zirley Nabi

    6. Kevin Taylor says:

      TEAS Test success is essential for every prospective nursing student. A good TEAS score will get the attention of every nursing program nationwide. Choose your TEAS test study partners carefully, choose the Adkins Academy!

      Brian Adkins M.D./MBA will be your instructor, tutor, and cheerleader through five rigorous on-line virtual sessions covering every aspect of the four subject regimens: English/Language Usage, Reading, Mathematics and Science, all four specific areas of the TEAS exam. The fifth session? A comprehensive review of all four subject areas.

      Dr. Adkins students learn much more than the correct answer to specific questions, they also learn about testing strategies vital to achieving their highest possible TEAS score. Nursing school tuition is expensive, but not getting into the nursing program because of a low TEAS exam score is even more expensive.

      Brian Adkins leads each session personally, he’s knowledgeable, personable, and always available to answer your questions whether during an active session or during office hours. Interestingly his office hours seem to be any time you have a question.

      Many students having taken their TEAS test often note in their TEAS test reviews that the science section of the test is the most difficult. Believe me, I’m no genius, but after taking the Adkins Academy TEAS Prep course I scored in the 99th percentile in science – you can too!

      Call the Adkins Academy today. Dr. Adkins will answer the phone personally, you will come away from your conversation knowing he is genuinely interested in your success, and that he will help you to get that exceptional score on your TEAS exam.

    7. Cassonya Ellis says:

      Anyone preparing to take the TEAS V test and feel you need a little help to bind it all together, you really need to grab a whole of a chance of a lifetime that will make all the difference in the world for you and your family. I strongly suggest you to contact THE ADKINS ACADEMY! In the beginning I was very skeptical of the program, but all it took was one phone call. I was very impress when I call because, I spoke directly with my instructor, Dr. Brian Adkins who coached me up until this point. I started with “Adkins Academy in November of 2013, I went to take my test for the second time in January of 2014 and failed. Knowing I had one more shot to take the test, I knew I had to allow myself plenty of time to work on me. Yes, if you want something bad enough, you’ll work through anything patiently to get it. Here at Adkin’s Academy, I had nothing to worry about. Despite the cost of the program, I found it to be legit due to the fact that if you don’t pass it the first time, you have a chance to sit through the lessons again at no extra charge and prepare to go back. Now you can’t beat that. It’s very difficult for me to elaborate here of how please I was and am that I have succeeded with the help of ADKINS ACADEMY. One of my first response when I initially spoke with Dr. Adkins is how come they are not known for their success as it is with other prep schools. But, I am so glad I gave joined. I took my TEAS test on 06/17/2014 and I am glad to say, “I PASS” So, I say to you out here wanting to get accepted into nursing school and need assistance getting pass the TEAS V test, STOP! DON’T look no further. They help me, and I know they can help you too.

    8. Dixon says:

      Before I discovered The Adkins Academy, it was a struggle trying to pass my TEAS V test. Once I spoke with Dr Adkins, I explain to him that my past test scores were not so great. He ensured me that my test scores would increase once I enrolled, and completed the course. I attended each session faithfully, and he also gives students office hours if one is having trouble understanding question from any assignment. Dr Adkins is very knowledgable, he has a strong passion for helping student to get prepared for the Teas. During the five weeks that I was enrolled into the course, I have really learned a lot. After I completed the course my TEAS scores did increase. My test scores are much higher than the expected grade to have on getting accepted into the nursing program. The Adkins Academy is not a joke, or any type of entertainment it’s the real deal. Give Dr Adkins a phone call today, so you can have a better future for tomorrow!!! God Bless!!

    9. Tara says:

      How hard is TEAS V? From my experience,it is a very chanllenging test. Unlike ordinary tests, the TEAS exam has several questions that requires a critical thinking skill. Before singing up with this program, I studied the material from the ati study mannual that my school recommended and then took an ati assessment test which determined the level of my understanding on all 4 parts of the test. I was very disappointed with the low score that I received ,and I found the science part difficult.So I decided to singed up for this program. Not only Dr.Adkins explained the concepts thouroghly but he also connected them in a way that I could understand and remember them better. After this course, I retook the assement test and noticed that my score improved tremendoudly. I took TEAS exam on September 23th, 2014 and passed it with an 85.So I highly recommend this program!

    10. Kimberly Miller says:

      I can not thank The Adkins Academy enough for preparing me to take the TEAS V test for nursing. Without the preparation Dr. Brian gave me, I would not have been able to score 95% nationally on the test. He will give you the insight and skill to score well. He takes you through all parts of the test. If you have questions, he is always there to quickly answer 24 hours a day by email, telephone or text. You pay for what you get. If you want the edge, against the competition, so you can get into nursing school, get prepared with The Adkins Academy. You will not regret it. They are the best!

    11. Kim Taurman says:

      I am so thankful for the Adkins Academy. The Preparation that I received to pass my TEAS Test, was phenomenal. Dr. Adkins is there for you by text, by email, and/or by phone. He takes you step by step in each course, and gives you an insight on how to answer the questions and receive a passing grade. He told me that he could raise my grade by 10% and he did. If you want to get into the Nursing program, the Adkins Academy is a must. You will not regret it. I certainly didn’t. I would recommend the Academy to anyone that wants to get into the Nursing program. It is worth every penny.

    12. Kim Kaneali'i says:

      There is always a lot of fear surrounding the stress of taking such a big exam. It feels like your future is held hostage to these little numbers on a piece of paper and the pressure can be insurmountable. With a 64% national average, we could all use the reprieve from stress that this prep course provides.

      This prep course includes a number of problems that are not in many of the TEAS prep books but ARE on the actual exam. Dr. Adkins really knows how the TEAS exam works and what it takes to do well – he’ll take you through a wide array of problems that will help you understand how to answer any questions you run into.

      Dr. Adkins did everything in his power to ensure that I would do well on this exam and that I would receive a score I could be proud of. Despite having a number of students to help, he always found the time for any questions I may have had in and out of class. He was patient, thorough, and never made me feel like a burden when I needed extra help.

      This course is exactly what you need if you want to excel on your TEAS exam and get into your nursing program. It will challenge you and you’ll have to work for it – but I promise you, it will be worth it.

    13. Noelle Randolph says:

      I can honestly say that Adkins Academy is the greatest preparation for nursing school. I took the teas exam and not only passed it but did well thanks to Dr. Adkins particular strategies. Dr. Adkins preparation was more on target than the ATI book in my opinion. Bottom line this is a great investment in your future. Best wishes and thank you Dr. Adkins. Your so awesome!!=)

    14. Riddhi says:

      The Adkins Academy is the great TEAS prep class. I would recommend to anyone who wants do well on the TEAS test. Dr. Brian Adkins is the great and supportive teacher. He doesn’t only teach you but also gives you the short and easy tips for complicated questions or problems. It is worth taking it.

    15. Ellie says:

      After I failed my teas exam for the second time, I was so frustrated and hopeless. I was fortunate to find Adkins Academy. Online classes were more convenient for me, because I could be at home and study. I definitely can tell Dr.Adkins ’teaching strategy is amazing. He is so knowledgeable and organized. I appreciate all of his effort and support. Attending this class was one of my best investments.

    16. Amy says:

      I have to tell you I was skeptical. I’ve seen a lot of “smoke and mirror acts” in my life and as a result thoroughly believe in the old saying- if it’s sounds like its too good to be true. I have to tell you in this case I was WRONG. This is definitely a case of believe and achieve.
      I have to tell you without even taking this test there is no way I’d feel as on top of my game without these classes. The classes were a lot to digest, but really worth the time and money. This is definitely as one-on-one as you can get! You can take advantage of office hours-time spent with you directly and on your schedule, and I should mention I have learned some super strategies for time management. If you want to go to nursing school like I do, in as competitive state as I live in, definitely save your seat now.

    17. Scott says:

      I found the Adkins Academy to be one of the best investments that I have made so far in my life. Before I took this course I got a 73 on the TEAS, and the minimum for my college is a 78 so I was very stressed out. After taking his course every Sunday I took the TEAS again and got an 89. I promise you that Dr. Adkins is worth every penny. If your future is dependent on it then you need to do what is best. He will give you the best tools possible to succeed that is a guarantee.

    18. Carla says:

      This class really did wonders. After completing this five week study course, I went in and took the TEAS V Exam and scored 10% higher than my last score. This class was definitely worth every penny.

    19. Jazzie says:

      This class is like no other. It is not easy by any means but it is not hard at all. It takes commitment and effort, but with every effort you put in, you improve your score that much more. I was never a good test taker and I knew I needed help before even my first TEAS V test. After 10 minutes of being in his class, all skepticism were gone and calmness came over me. I was no longer freaking out worrying am I going to get a good grade. With every obstacle I had, Dr. Brian was there to pick up the phone every time. When all said and done, my FIRST test I did I made a 82.7% landing me in the top 92% in the nation and I was only shooting for an 80%. This program is worth every penny. You will never feel more prepared, more motivated, and focused than being in this class. Why buy the book to read front and back to still have questions in the end, when you can invest in this program, have all questions answered and the material condensed, more direct, and spelled out to you? This is just the best option for you! It was for me!

    20. Amy W says:

      Results speak for themselves-

      I took my TEAS today for the first time- I scored in the 99th percentile. My score is proof that the strategies taught by this class work and the material was exactly what I needed to completely knock this out of the park.

      Brian is simply amazing. Anyone wanting to do well on the TEAS need look no farther than the Adkins Academy, LLC. Brian definitely cares about your success.

      Well worth the investment in YOU!

    21. Abrianna N. says:

      I just wanted to say thank you for teaching a great TEAS test prep course this past spring. I very much appreciate your willingness to help us become better test takers and greatly improve our scores. Before I had taken the course my initial TEAS test score was a 74%. After taking this course, I improved tremendously, achieving a score of 82%! This score also secured me a spot in the Arizona State University Traditional Pre-licensure Clinical Nursing Program starting this January 2016. Again, thank you so much for your support!

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