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The Adkins Academy TEAS VI Test Prep LIVE Online Course features:

  • 30+ HOURS of LIVE Online Classroom instruction with Dr. Adkins who is a Medical Doctor and College Professor
  • ASK Questions during the LIVE sessions
  • 500+ high-yield TEAS-VI & HESI-A2 questions while providing real-time explanations and strategies
  • Access to thousands of additional practice problems for your independent review & studying
  • Science, Math, English & Reading Flash Card Slides for your TEAS 6 review
  • Unlimited Office Hours for 1-on-1 time with Dr. Adkins for your questions
  • Assessment and Feedback on your progress
  • GUARANTEE 85th Percentile or HIGHER - Advanced or Exemplary Category
    • Score HIGH or Retake our TEAS VI Test Prep Course for FREE 


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Dr. Brian J. Adkins, MD, MBA has helped hundreds of individuals like you excel with our LIVE TEAS VI Test Prep Online Course. This is NOT just some boring video series or webinar broadcast to millions of people, this TEAS 6 test prep online course is in real time with real people just like you from all over the country in a small group of 10 to 20 students per class. 

TEAS VI Test Prep Course Information

LIVE Online TEAS VI Test Prep Classes

This course is divided into FIVE (5) TEAS VI & HESI A2 classes – Science, English, Reading, Math, and Comprehensive Reviews.

  • Each class features a very challenging and high-yield set of questions that will be reviewed one-by-one and features the key concepts you absolutely need to know.
  • Each class can last from 4 hour up to 8.5 hours with over 30 hours of real TEAS VI study time
    • Remember this is NOT a lecture, we are going over hundreds of realistic TEAS VI questions during each small group LIVE online TEAS VI Test Prep class
  • The Comprehensive Review class is an Assessment of your knowledge and a FULL Review of the concepts discussed throughout the entire TEAS VI Test Prep Live Online Course.
  • Classes Offered Every Sunday and Wednesday all year, so START with any Wednesday or any Sunday. Sunday classes start at 12pm EST and Wednesday classes start at 3pm EST.
    • so start this Sunday or this Wednesday or 3 Sunday or 2 Wednesday from now, whenever you're ready
    • Can't do Sundays or Wednesdays or prefer more 1-on-1 sessions? No Problem, Dr. Adkins offers individualized off-schedule classes for clients.

One-on-One LIVE TEAS VI Test Prep Office Hours with an Expert Tutor

  • Dr. Adkins and his team are available to take your questions via e-mail, text message, or a direct phone call as you are studying.
    • We are here to answer your questions from 9am EST until 11pm EST, so give us a call for your specific TEAS 6 test prep Math, English, Reading or Science questions.
    • Dr. Adkins has written each of the very HIGH YIELD questions reviewed during the sessions.

TEAS VI Test Prep Practice Questions

  • Our TEAS Test Prep LIVE Online Prep Course also includes a four (4) week subscription to The Adkins Academy Question Bank and partner question banks that have been vetted by Dr. Adkins to enrich your study time.  

TEAS VI Test Prep LIVE Online Course Adkins GUARANTEE
  • The Adkins Academy TEAS VI Test Prep Guarantee offers you the comfort of knowing we are committed to your SUCCESS. 
    • Our TEAS 5 Test Prep Online Course offers an Adjusted Individual TEAS VI Score of 85 or better - the UPPER ADVANCED category - or you can take our entire course again for FREE.
    • Clients are limited to 1 FREE complete course remediation within 1 year of your last class.

Our TEAS VI & HESI Prep Course also covers content and strategies that will help you prepare for other Nursing Entrance Exams including the HESI, KAPLAN, NLN, PSB, NET, PAX, and other standardized exams for gaining admissions into nursing school.

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TEAS VI Test Prep LIVE Online Course Packages

  • FULL EXEMPLARY TEAS VI Test Prep LIVE Online Course
    • 36+ hours of LIVE Class time
    • Unlimited 1-on-1 Office Hours with Dr. Adkins by appointment
    • The Adkins Academy Question Bank Access
    • TEAS 6 Test Prep LIVE Online Adkins GUARANTEE for 1 year
    • PLUS 1 off-schedule Comprehensive Review Class in addition to the one on the regular schedule - this is an additional 170 Realistic TEAS 6 Test Questions reviewed by Dr. Adkins
  • ADVANCED TEAS VI Test Prep LIVE Online Course
    • 30+ hours of LIVE Class time
  • TEAS VI Test Prep LIVE Online Course Off-Schedule Classes
    • In addition to the regular tuition there is a per off-schedule class fee for classes not taken on the regular Sundays or Wednesdays schedule

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