A GREAT SAT Score is Within Reach With the Right Preparation

Gaining admissions into the right college or university with notable faculty, great research initiatives, establish corporate career placement services, and a reputation for highly successful students can seem like an insurmountable hurdle. Well, you are closer than you realize. You have been working hard to keep your high school grades stellar even with honors and AP classes, you have been engaging in extracurricular activities and other volunteer opportunities, and you are now ready to tackle the college admissions process - the applications, essays, letters of recommendations, college visits, and of course the New SAT.

At no other time in history has it been more important to have the knowledge, skills, and experience that come with attaining a college degree from a reputable university. However, for most students in the US and around the world the first hurdle will be performing well on your college entrance exam, namely the New SAT Well, the right preparation and strategic guidance can make all the difference in the world.

The Adkins Academy Virtual SAT Prep Course delivers an interactive, problem-based learning format that challenges your ability to integrate information and gain greater perspective for what's being asked of you as an examinee. We relate key concepts to real-world scenarios thereby helping you to apply your knowledge of the concepts. Therefore, you are not simply memorizing facts but instead building your understanding of the material and its relavence to the real world. In college and beyond, you must be able to think critically, bring together complex concepts, and arrive at the correct solution to a problem if you'd like to be successful. Well, we are preparing you for such task.

Our Virtual SAT Prep Course features:
  • 30 hours of LIVE interactive class time where students can ask and answer questions in real-time
  • Professional instructors who holds at least a Masters degree and/or a Doctorate degree
  • Small group atmosphere of no more than 15 motivated students
  • Over 500 questions discussed thorughout the course
  • Adminster & Reveiw 2-3 previously administered SAT exams during the course 
  • College matriculation strategic planning and application optimization assistance
  • Scholarship acquisition assistance via various scholarship databases
  • Office hours outside of class time for student questions via e-mail and the virtual classroom
Our instructors are also ready to assist with SAT Subject Exams as well including Mathematics, Chemistry, US & World History, Biology, Physics, English, & Language.

Additionally, we offer you insight and strategic guidance for beginning college on the right path if you are pursuing a major along the pre-med, pre-law, pre-dental, engineering, or research scientist (Ph.D.) tracts. To learn more about our nationally and internationally recognized Virtual SAT Prep Course please contact our offices at info@adkinsacademy.com or call (301) 960-4950.