The Adkins Academy, Inc was founded by Brian J. Adkins, M.D., MBA after several years of preparing high school and college students to excel on standardized exams. He has developed valuable strategies that have proven to boost students' confidence and appeal to their logical reasoning ability.  His student-oriented, problem-based learning methods have aided thousands of students nationwide to tackle standardized entrance exams for college admission, nursing schools, graduate school, and even medical school.

At no other time in history has personal academic enrichment and professional development been more important for students aspiring for sustainable careers in some of most rewarding fields like engineering, healthcare, science, business, information technology, education, civil services, and research. Dr. Adkins and his professional team go beyond the four walls of the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom to provide the most effective academic instruction to student nationally and internationally through The Adkins Academy Virtual Classroom.

In our increasingly competitive academic environment, it's critical that our students learn from instructors who have been vetted by the collegiate process and are accomplished, experienced, and effective communicators. Our approach to academic enrichment and standardized exam preparation focuses on building a strong academic foundation steeped in techniques that improve logical reasoning and critical thinking skills while building self-confidence. The primary goal is for our clients to retain knowledge and better understand the relevance of what they're learning – the Whys & the Hows. Our professional instructors are not just tutors, we are innovators who inspire and help our clients to be EMPOWERED!!!!

Our proven logic-based approaches to solving academically challenging questions on standardized exams like the TEAS VIHESI-A2, NCLEX-PN, & NCLEX-RN are nationally recognized for their effectiveness in helping our client get into the colleges, nursing schools, and professional schools they desire. The Adkins Academy’s team of academically accomplished and professionally trained instructors brings together years of experience with standardized exam preparation, successful collegiate & professional school admissions, and teaching students how to think more logically.

We pride ourselves on helping our students understand the many complexities of science, math, English, and reading questions in ways that makes it applicable to everyday life. Our instructors explain the concepts, discuss strategies, and provide insightful solutions that really help students reach new Epiphanies – that Big Aha moment!!!  We keep our students engaged and challenge each one to think strategically and understand concepts in an integrated fashion. Our problem-based-learning classes, robust question bank, and individualized Q&A sessions provide ample opportunity to attain a mastery of the concepts. In today’s exceedingly competitive environments, it’s NOT good enough to just memorize facts, you must UNDERSTAND and APPLY YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

Our team is not just focused on teaching but also advancing our clients by guiding them through the academic matriculation process for college, professional school, and graduate school admissions. Each instructor at The Adkins Academy holds at least a master's degree (MA or MS) and/or doctorate degree (M.D. or PhD.) with several years of effective teaching experience. We have an extensive body of knowledge and other resources to help guide students past standardized exams and into college, nursing school, medical school, and other professional schools.

So contact us today to schedule a meeting to discuss our services and academic enrichment methods that could be academically and vocationally transformative for you.

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