6 General Test Taking Tips for the NCLEX

test taking tips for nclex

Once you become a registered nurse in the United States, you are required to take a licensing test better known as the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). Some of the topics that are covered on this exam include the ability to talk to patients, anatomy, physiology, administration, and more. Below are 6 general test taking tips for NCLEX that Adkins Academy has cultivated in order to prepare you all the way up to test day!  

  1. Aim for 60 Seconds
  2. Avoid any second guessing
  3. The answer choices are randomized
  4. Take a handful of practice tests
  5. Create your own reasonable schedule
  6. Make sure to relax

Tip #1: Aim for 60 Seconds

Since there are a lot of questions to work through on the exam, it is recommended that you only spend 1 minute on each question and if you have any remaining time then, go back to them. However, if you do end up spending more than 1 minute on the question, you most likely don’t know the answer so at that point moving on would be the appropriate measure to take. 

Tip #2: Avoid any second guessing

Second guessing is quite common for individuals taking any type of exam. However, it is recommended that you always go with your first answer. While you may feel the need to change your answer to something else the second time around because of uncertainty, you need to actually have a valid reason for changing the answer itself. 

Tip #3: The answer choices are randomized

It is important to remember that the computer randomizes each of the answers for each individual multiple choice question. Sometimes, a strategy may not always be necessary. Instead of worrying about if you got the same letter 3 times in a row or if you should circle your lucky letter because you don’t know the answer, just go with your best guess. 

Tip #4: Take a handful of practice tests

While reading up upon the structure of NCLEX, take a handful of practice tests as this will take your studying to the next level. Find yourself an area where you believe the test situation is best mimicked. This will ensure that you are in a quiet setting with no distractions what so ever. Each practice test, it is important to increase the number of questions you work through in a given amount of time as you will begin to feel more comfortable with the overall style of the test.  

Tip #5: Create your own reasonable schedule

After working through nursing coursework for years, take your time to really decide whether cramming for this type of test would represent all the hard work you put in those last couple of years. We recommend that instead, you break your studying over the course of a few weeks or even months and stick to it. By sticking to this schedule, you sign for the commitment to study every day which will in turn become a part of your daily routine leading up to the licensing test. 

Tip #6: Make sure to relax 

Before the test itself, it is important you do not have anxious or stressful thoughts but instead, a tranquil mindset. Go in determined to achieve a great store and the outcome will most likely be positive. You have worked so hard to get into that nursing school and now it is time to put to the test that you are ready to be a registered nurse! 

The Adkins Difference

Studying for the NCLEX exam can be difficult, especially if you have decided to study for them on your own which is why we wanted you to ingrain these test taking tips for NCLEX  in your mind. However, you do not have to study for these tests alone. Adkins Academy is here to help. We offer both traditional and virtual testing preparation courses that can help you achieve your best score possible. Call us at 301-960-4950 to speak with Dr. Adkins himself about how you can benefit from classes at Adkins Academy.


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