Benefits of Online Learning for Aspiring Nursing Students

Online Learning For Nurses

The team here at Adkins Academy are proud to use our Virtual Classroom and YouTube Channel to bring our courses to anyone with an Internet connection. However, in the time of COVID-19, we are not alone. In fact, many schools and courses are being held online due to social distancing. Here are some of the benefits to online learning for nurses that Adkins Academy can bring to any aspiring nursing students.

  1. Self-Paced Learning
  2. Helps Increase Self-Motivation
  3. Virtual Literacy
  4. A More Personalized Experience

Self-Paced Online Learning For Nurses

In our busy world, it can be difficult to make time to learn. Many people find themselves too preoccupied with life and work to attend a night course at a local school. However, with online learning for nurses, you are able to learn at your own pace and at your own time. At Adkins, you do not have any assignments or homework to complete, so preparing for the TEAS VI or HESI A2 exams is as easy as signing into your computer. We offer many different courses at different times throughout the month, so check out our class schedule to see which one fits the best into your schedule.

Helps Increase Self-Motivation

Sitting down to learn about the Reading section of the TEAS VI exam can be difficult if you had a rough day. However, it is important to stay resilient and to continue working on your progress. Learning online can show employers and teachers that you are a self-motivator and are able to handle multiple tasks at once, skills that are crucial to success in the nursing field.

Virtual Literacy

Our world is constantly being changed, with new technologies or a new invention being introduced to the public almost every day. That is why Adkins Academy is at the forefront of innovation, making sure our students are computer literate and able to adapt to any changing technological innovation. Not only that but in programs such as the Virtual Classroom, you are able to easily engage with your classmates and your teacher through comments and forums, contributing to inter-classroom collaboration.

A More Personalized Experience

When you take online classes, you are learning on your own terms. Thankfully, your teacher is also here to help you throughout this process. Dr. Adkins is always here for you and your needs and is always one phone call away. He can help you thoroughly and individually prepare for the TEAS VI or HESI A2 exams in a way that works best for you. If you do not pass the initial test, Dr. Adkins will allow you to retake the course for free with more personal help to make sure you thoroughly understand the material.

The Adkins Academy Difference

Many other online programs are distant from their students. They are inaccessible at times and some teachers are unable to truly connect with their students due to large online class sizes. However, Adkins Academy is different. Each and every one of our students is given the personalized curriculum they need to succeed. In our Virtual Classroom, you are able to engage with not only your professor but your classmates as well. If you are interested in what Dr. Adkins can help you achieve, give us a call at 301-960-4950.


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