Hero Nurses and Why it is Still a Great Time to be a Nurse

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This is an unprecedented time with a global pandemic impacting the entire world to some degree. This impact is hitting hospitals and healthcare workers harder than most, creating a huge need for nurses and medical staff. But with many schools and universities closing due to COVID-19, more and more people are wondering if they can still become a nurse…or even if they still want to! For those on the fence, the Adkins Academy wants to let you know that now is still a great time to become a nurse and there are many resources available to help you achieve that noble dream.

Nurses Give and Receive Respect and Honesty

Recently, a Gallup poll has ranked nursing as the number one most honest and ethical career…for the 18th year in a row! Patients, their family, and healthcare staff all understand the hard work and dedication nurses put into their jobs and view them as a source they can trust time and time again. Very few other professions can claim this title, and none have done so for as long as nursing has. If you are looking for a career that can help people and have those you work with trust and believe in you, then nursing is a career path that won’t disappoint.

Nurses are our Local Heroes

As important as nurses are, they are just like everyone else. They live in our communities, shop where we shop, and live in the same neighborhoods as us. Nurses are local and on the same level as everyone else. And with their incredible job skills, dedication to patients, and passion for making a difference, they become our local heroes. You have likely seen the heroic efforts of nurses every day fighting this pandemic. They look and feel exhausted, but while the rest of the world distances themselves in their homes, nurses are fighting to save everyone on the front lines. And that deserves a level of respect like none other.

This is why we’ve been applauding our healthcare workers whenever we see them. There is no greater feeling than walking to or from a shift of work and having strangers thank you, applaud you, or cheer for you. Nurses make a difference. And we need them now more than ever!

The Adkins Academy Helps Create Nurses

At the Adkins Academy, we value nurses. We know they work hard and do incredible things for our community. So Dr. Brian Adkins, our founder, created a study and educational program to help those aspiring to be future nurses reach that goal. We offer extensive test prep and review courses to get you ready to achieve your dream. Our test prep can help train you for:

Our instructors are academically accomplished and professional trained to bring you the best education and test prep you’ll find. The Adkins Academy takes pride in teaching students to think logically when it comes to the complexities of science, math, English, and reading. Our results speak for themselves as we have had countless students graduate and become nurses in their local communities.

Virtual Education is Available

We understand that during the pandemic, schools are closing and students don’t want to be in close proximity to others. This is why we offer leading virtual classrooms that let you study and learn from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer with a web camera and microphone and you’ll be set to learn! You can engage with your professor, ask questions, and advance at your own pace, all while at home.

Become a Hero. Become a Nurse!

If you’re ready to practice the skills necessary to become a nurse, contact the Adkins Academy today at 301-359-6915.


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