HESI Practice Test

Take our HESI Practice Test to make sure you’re ready!

HESI Practice Test
If you are looking for a HESI Practice test, that means you are stepping into your future nursing vocation. Your first obstacle before starting nursing school is getting excellent scores on your TEAS test and/or your HESI A2 test. Nursing schools will utilize these scores to vet their candidates, so you will need to ensure you are ready for these examinations. Truth be told, most ASN and BSN schools search for TEAS VI and HESI A2 scores during the 80s and 90s. While many schools will just expect you to take either, we recommend taking both to keep your choices open. So where do you start? It tends to be difficult to start prepping for a test when you don’t have a clue where to begin or what is being covered. That is the reason we have made this FREE test for the TEAS VI and the HESI A2 to help kick you off.

The free TEAS and HESI practice test is intended to be an opportunity for you to get a first glance at what you can expect on your up and coming TEAS VI and HESI A2 exams. The questions in our HESI practice tests are designed to give you a glimpse of what you will see on test day – including the curveballs these tests are known for. The questions will both give you an idea of the material that will be covered, but show you how to think about questions that may not be as clear. Like you will see on test day, these questions were made to incorporate genuine nursing situations that you may wind up in later in your vocation, and much of the time, they will be more difficult than the questions you will really be confronted with on your TEAS V1 and HESI A2 test!

Take our free preliminary tests. You will gain a starting point with the material to understand what you do and do not know. You may also learn some useful test-taking skills that you weren’t even aware of! Do you lose track of time when testing? Do you know how to filter information and get straight to the answer? You can learn more than just what is in the question. Take our free HESI Practice Test today! After each question, we give you an explanation of the correct answer and why it is correct. This is a test you can take multiple times and still learn from.

If you’re interested in a more comprehensive test prep program, reach out to us about our HESI A2 Review Course!



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