HESI Test Prep

Is HESI Test Prep for you?

Consider a HESI test prep course if you are planning to apply to a Health Education program. HESI stands for Health Education Systems Incorporated. They administer the HESI A2 exam for nursing students.

Many students struggle with testing. Test anxiety is the enemy of standardized testing. Some students, no matter how well they know the material, simply choke up or freeze when it comes time to take an exam. This makes it much harder to measure a student’s actual understanding of a given subject. Because the results are influenced by anxiety, it can be hard to know the reason for an incorrect answer. The goal is to measure a student’s competence and understanding in a given subject, but some students have test anxiety or other issues that make their performance suffer.

These issues are important to address because they may negatively affect the results of the test for reasons not related to what the test is actually measuring.  If you experience difficulty with test-taking, it is highly recommended that you look into a HESI test prep course to maximize your potential for success. Not only will you be able to review the subjects covered in the test, but being prepared will help you remain confident and ward off any anxiety you may be feeling about the test.


Core subjects covered in our HESI Test Prep Course

  • English  The HESI English section is designed to find out if the student will be able to communicate effectively with patients, hospital staff, and their colleagues. Clear communication is essential in the hospital setting. Students will also be tested on their knowledge of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. 
  • Reading – The reading section of the HESI exam is designed to measure a student’s ability to read and comprehend information. Like verbal communication skills, a student’s reading ability is essential for their success. The test will measure a student’s ability to understand information and respond appropriately.
  • Math – The HESI math section tests a student’s knowledge of basic mathematical concepts. Basic math ability is helpful in the medical industry as numbers play a large role in patient diagnosis and treatment. The test covers concepts from decimals and fractions up to algebra.
  • Science – One of the most difficult parts of the HESI test prep is the science portion. This portion of the test covers everything from life & physical science to anatomy & physiology. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed since it covers so many aspects of science. As a nursing school applicant and a hopeful nurse, however, these are perhaps some of the most valuable skills you can possess.


Don’t do yourself a disservice by risking a test score that is lower than you really deserve. The Adkins Academy offers a HESI Test Prep course that has shown significant improvement in students’ test results. Check out our free question bank, and let us help you today!


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