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nursing school examsTime is a limited commodity, especially for aspiring nurses. It can seem like there just aren’t enough hours in the day at times. Nursing programs are packed with rigorous academic coursework and clinicals. And then of course there are the nursing school exams. Finding time to study amidst finding time to go to class, work, eat, and sleep can seem next to impossible. 

The Adkins Academy advocates for a proactive approach to facing the colossus of nursing school exams. This proactive approach is spearheaded by a concentrated planning effort on the part of the prospective student. Where time is limited, time can sometimes be found. Investing consideration into planning ahead for the week or the month can have a dramatic impact on the results of your nursing school exams.

How to Plan Ahead

Planning ahead can get you far. Staying organized ensures that you have time for your studies and are aware of due dates and deadlines. Nursing school exams demand regular study and determination. Reviewing material often and early are the keys to remembering it to the point the information can become second nature to you. But to make sure you review it as often as you need to, scheduling yourself time to do so makes sure it gets done with the following tips:

  1. Organize Your Calendar
  2. Manage Your Time Wisely With A Planner
  3. Prioritize Your Activities
  4. Make Some Cushion In Your Schedule
  5. Stick To It

Organize Your Calendar

The first step in the planning process is creating an overall picture of your existing engagements and appointments and combining that with deadlines. A ten thousand foot view. The best way to do this is to write it down on a calendar. Investing in a calendar to hang on your wall at home or in your dorm can provide you with a visual reminder of important test dates. The routine of always updating something with new information and writing it all down is good for your memory too and it will help you to not miss anything or overbook yourself.

Manage Your Time Wisely With A Planner

Next, you have to make yourself accountable for the time used. Once your schedule is reflected in calendar form, you can begin breaking that time into blocks. By blocking your schedule into smaller digestible chunks you can see where certain activities fit and where they don’t. You’ll also begin to see how much free time you have on a given day and just how much needs to get done to keep yourself on schedule. Holding yourself to a standard lets you take pride in your discipline too and can show you what’s needed to stay ahead and pass your nursing school exams with flying colors. Additionally, if you can finish a task earlier than expected you can create free time to reward yourself. Keeping a planner encourages you to stay organized and organization is the key to getting all of your studying done and staying up-to-date on the material.

Prioritize Your Activities

In creating your planner, prioritizing different activities over others can be helpful too. We’re only human after all and sometimes you don’t have time to finish a task before it’s time to start the next one. By prioritizing the most important due dates and tasks, you can make sure the necessities come before the comforts and wants. To be successful in nursing school sometimes you’re going to have to set time with your friends aside so you can get the appropriate amount of study time in or attend that study group. That’s what you’re here to do, pass the nursing school exams and walk away with the knowledge needed to help save lives. Do well, crush those nursing school exams, and go help those in need.

Don’t Forget To Make Some Cushion In Your Schedule

It can be easy to get lost in creating a rigorous schedule that gets everything done early but people get tired and sometimes your brain might just not be able to do it and in those cases, you may just need to take a break to reset. Sitting in front of a computer screen or in front of a book not retaining any new information isn’t going to help you. Take a break and come back to it when you’ve recharged.

Finally, Stick to it.

If done right following that schedule you’ve made for yourself will keep you on track and prevent you from falling behind. Keeping up with a schedule can be hard but you have to stay disciplined and determined, you’ll thank yourself when test day comes around.

Additional Study Tips For Nursing School Exams

Do all of these things regularly, keep up with them and you’ll prepare yourself for success. If you need help filling out your schedule, make time to write out flashcards on index cards to flip through regularly. Finding a good study group can help tremendously too. You can schedule a meeting time once or twice a week and keep everyone accountable to someone other than themselves. Sometimes it can be easy to just tell yourself it’s fine and skip out on necessary study time but it’s harder when other people are depending on you and calling your phone to get you to study. Working with others will prepare you for the hospital setting too. Nurses don’t get the job done on their own, you have to rely on the people around you to provide the best care possible to each patient.

Benefits of Test Prep Online

The resources provided by The Adkins Academy are accessible to you when you need them. Preparing for those nursing school exams online lets you get to them whenever it is in your day that you decide you have time to. Everyone’s schedule is different and because you don’t have to make time to do it while something is open, you can review on your time. The Adkins Academy also acts as a hub for multiple resources including test prep for the Test of Essential Academic Skills or the TEAS VI exam, the Health Education Systems Incorporated A2 Entrance Exam, or the HESI A2, and the National Council Licensure Examination or the NCLEX RN exam. Additionally, Dr. Adkins also hosts a YouTube channel where we’ll go live every Monday at 7 pm EST.

The Adkins Academy Difference

Many online programs don’t provide the sense of community that The Adkins Academy offers. Students get the opportunity to customize their personal learning experience and connect with the professor and other students as well. If the Adkins Academy sounds like it could be beneficial to you and your learning objectives, give us a call at 301-960-4950 or visit our contact page. Call and claim your offer today and mention Q4DC to get your special discount!


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