The HESI A2 exam, while similar to the TEAS VI, is a unique test with its own unique challenges. Many nursing school will require test scores from at least one, if not both, so it is best to be prepared for either by using The Adkins Academy TEAS & HESI Review Course.


The HESI exam will test you on concepts such as grammar, vocabulary, anatomy & physiology, reading and math, and how they apply to the medical field. In order to position you best for success, The Adkins Academy features a variety of real challenging, high-yield HESI A2 test questions written by Dr. Adkins himself.


These questions are meant to simulate the questions you will be encountering on the HESI test. They are designed to not only teach you the material but for you to also get comfortable with the types of questions asked and the critical thinking required for success. During our classes, we will review these questions one-by-one, explaining key HESI test concepts, and the thinking needed to arrive at the correct answer.


Our Live Online HESI A2 Test Prep Classes are not lectures, but rather live interactive sessions with Dr. Adkins. This method allows for a full understanding of what is needed to be successful on the exam, rather than simply memorizing information. The HESI A2 exam expects you to apply your knowledge.


The Adkins Academy HESI Test Prep Guarantee is fully committed to seeing you succeed on your HESI exam. We take this commitment seriously. As such, each student is allowed one free complete course retake if they do not score an 95 or better on their HESI exam the first time. As a general knowledge test, the HESI can also be treated as an excellent learning opportunity to show a potential applicant areas they need to improve before embarking on their journey to nursing school.


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