One of the most challenging aspects of the HESI exam is the science portion. This portion of the test encompasses life science, physical science, earth science, scientific reasoning, and anatomy & physiology. With it being this comprehensive and integrated, it is easy for you to get overwhelming. As a nursing school applicant and a hopeful nurse, these are perhaps some of the most valuable skills you can possess. As such, these scores will play a huge role in your nursing school application. 

By preparing with The Adkins Academy you will know the right logical path to take and how to get to the correct answer. With The Adkins Academy, you won’t just memorize concepts like cell respiration, but you will understand them and be able to explain them in detail! 


Our high yield and challenging set of HESI A2 Science questions are designed to provoke thought and reinforce the material so you can apply your knowledge. With our live HESI Test Prep course, you will go over these questions with our lead HESI Expert Instructor Dr. Brian Adkins, MD, MBA in detail where you will be able to ask questions and review the material in real-time.


HESI A2 Science Test Prep in our Virtual Classroom

Our live HESI Test Prep course will take place in the Adkins Academy Virtual Classroom. Here, you will be able to go over the material and these questions in detail with a professional instructor. Your professor will help you to develop strategies on how to approach difficult questions on the HESI Exam. These courses are not prerecorded, they are in real-time allowing you to review and ask questions with a live instructor among other classmates. This allows you the unique privilege of collaborative space in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere with a stable internet connection! Having a small group atmosphere allows you to ask and answer questions, see your instructor and their whiteboard, and listen to their instruction and class dialogue all in real-time as you prepare for the Science portion of your HESI exam.  

A competitive HESI A2 score is essential when applying to nursing schools. Rather than just memorizing the material, The Adkins Academy Test Prep course aims to bring you from “I don’t know” to “I understand” when dealing with complex questions on the Science portion of the exam. Our questions are designed to not only teach you the concepts but apply them in your career with real-world examples and scenarios you will face as a nurse. Get started working with our professional team of instructors as well as Dr. Adkins himself and guarantee yourself a higher score on the Science section of your HESI exam. 


 The Adkins Academy Question Bank

To supplement your studies, you will also have a subscription to The Adkins Academy Question Bank giving you access to a variety of questions written and vetted by Dr. Adkins himself. There are over 400 TEAS & HESI Science questions to help your practice and learn the material quickly and accurately. Don’t wait any longer, contact Dr. Adkins directly to get help now.