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As a prospective nurse, you have to understand all aspects of the English language. This includes grammar, spelling, and comprehension. Although this might seem a bit trivial, think about it like this. One grammatical error or spelling mistake has the potential to cause complications down the line. That is why HESI A2 offers an English portion on its exam. If you require assistance when preparing for the English portion, or any other portion of the HESI exam, Adkins Academy is here!

About the HESI English Portion

The HESI English portions will test the student on their understanding of the conventions of standard English, as well as common terminology used in the nursing field. A mastery of the English language is an essential skill for anyone in the medical field. The HESI English portion is meant to ensure that the student will be able to communicate effectively with patients, hospital staff, and their colleagues. Being able to communicate is essential in the hospital setting and will therefore also test the student’s knowledge of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. 

The HESI goes into a bit more detail than its TEAS English counterpart. Rather than four main sections, the HESI is broken out into ten sections. Among these sections, three of them are classified as English sections. These sections are Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and General Knowledge, and Grammar. Through these sections, you are measured on the following:

  • The ability to read and understand written passages and identify their elements

  • The ability to identify themes

  • The student's vocabulary

  • Fundamental grammar skills and the parts of speech

  • The ability to develop and produce clear and concise paragraphs 
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Our HESI A2 Test Prep Course

Our HESI Test Prep course is designed to build an understanding of the concepts through thoroughly designed practice questions. Our high yield and challenging set of questions for the English portion of the HESI A2 are designed to provoke thought and reinforce the material you are learning. These questions are written and vetted by our highly trained staff of standardized exam experts. They are designed to not only test your knowledge of the subject matter but also to transform the way you think about these questions. The HESI English portion will include questions that are purposely misleading to measure students' test-taking skills. The Adkins Academy HESI Test Prep Course will prepare students for this by including questions that are often more challenging than the ones you will encounter on the exam, to reinforce the material being discussed in the virtual classroom. 

If You Don’t Pass The First Attempt

Here at Adkins Academy, we understand the stress that many students feel when taking an important test like the HESI. Sometimes, even the most well-prepared students can find themselves failing due to their nerves getting the better of them. That is why we offer a free retake of our HESI preparation course to those who want to take it a second time. We truly believe that all students have the potential to succeed.

Not only that, but the HESI Evolve site provides remediation feedback. Log in to your exam account to view this content. These could be of great use, especially when figuring out what topics to focus on during your studies. We also recommend looking back at your study guide and textbooks to reinforce areas that you missed, while also reading the exam information carefully to understand the retake policy. Make sure you remediate all test areas, not just the ones where you didn’t make the required score.

The Second Attempt

The entrance exams are not intended to be punitive or to screen out applicants. The purpose is to ensure that students are armed for success. The expectation is that if you are struggling to meet minimum competencies, then it is an indication to invest the time in taking classes that will help bridge those gaps in knowledge.

Live Test Preparation

If you require help in your studies, consider taking the Adkins Academy Live HESI Test Prep course to improve your overall understanding of the information. If you are hoping to enter a Nursing program, consider taking other courses to fulfill lower division, general education core requirements (Eng 1102, a fine arts class, a foreign language, social science classes, humanities, etc). This way you’ll continue to make real progress towards your bachelor’s degree while honing your basic knowledge of science, math, and English. You can look at Courses to Take Before Entering a Nursing Program for ideas.

Practice Quizzes

Take some practice quizzes and try to re-create the testing environment as much as possible. For example, take the quizzes using a timer, and use only the materials allowed in the real exams. Use the textbooks above to review concepts that you missed when doing practice questions in the study guide.

You can access practice HESI A2 questions here. 

Prepare for the HESI English Portions in our Virtual Classroom

Our live HESI Test Prep course will take place in the Adkins Academy Virtual Classroom. Here, you will be able to go over the material and these questions in detail with a professional instructor. Your professor will help you to develop strategies on how to approach difficult questions in the HESI English sections. These courses are not prerecorded, they are in real-time allowing you to review and ask questions with a live instructor among other classmates. This allows you the unique privilege of collaborative space in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere with a stable internet connection! Having a small group atmosphere allows you to ask and answer questions, see your instructor and their whiteboard, and listen to their instruction and class dialogue all in real-time as you study and prepare for the English portions of your HESI exam.  

To supplement your studies, you will also have a subscription to the Adkins Academy question bank granting you access to a variety of questions written or vetted by Dr. Adkins himself. These questions will be much like the questions you will be working with during our HESI Test Prep course. Our test bank has thousands of review questions and we encourage you to work on them as often as you can to prepare for your HESI English Exam. These questions may include reviews of grammar and punctuation (such as when to properly use dashes, semicolons, parentheses, and other forms of punctuation), reading comprehension, vocabulary, and more!

HESI English Test Prep with Adkins Academy

A competitive HESI score is essential when applying to nursing schools. Rather than just memorizing the material, The Adkins Academy Test Prep course for the HESI exam aims to bring you from “I don’t know” to “I understand!” 

Get started working with our professional team of instructors and Dr. Adkins so you can get a great score on the English portion of the HESI exam. Call Dr. Adkins at 301-960-4950 today to schedule your meeting. There we will discuss our programs, services, and academic enrichment methods to find the right test preparation course for you!