The reading portion of the TEAS/HESI will allow the student to demonstrate their reading and comprehension skills. This section will give the test taker several passages, then ask questions regarding key ideas and details. In this portion, you will be able to demonstrate your understanding of craft and structure, and how to recognize and comprehend the integration of knowledge and ideas in a given text.  Our TEAS/HESI Test Prep course is designed to build an understanding of the concepts through thoroughly designed practice questions. Our high yield and challenging set of questions for the reading portion of the TEAS/HESI are designed to provoke thought and reinforce the material. With our live TEAS/HESI Test Prep course, you will go over these questions with an instructor in detail where you will be able to ask questions and review in real time. Here you will be able to develop a strategy with your instructor on how to approach these questions and passages. To supplement your studies, you will also have a subscription to the Adkins Academy question bank granting you access to a variety of questions written or vetted by Dr. Adkins himself.