The Adkins Academy HESI A2 Review Course in Sandy UT is the solution you’ve been looking for to help you score high and get accepted into nursing school or another allied health profession. Never heard of the HESI A2 test, well you’re not alone. Though most schools use the TEAS VI exam, school are increasing using the HESI A2 Exam as its entrance test from admissions in to nursing school. But regardless of the test, the requirements are still the same - you must know the concepts, be able to apply your knowledge, and you must prepare properly to achieve a great score and get accepted into your program.HESI A2 Review Course in Sandy  UT

Our HESI A2 Review Course in Sandy UT helps you to fulfill these requirements by providing a LIVE Interactive experience. As you review over 500 real questions written by Dr. Adkins, you gain a keen understanding of the “HOW’s and WHY’s” of the material – NOT just memorization. With a medical doctor instructor, you will certainly learn how the HESI A2 questions and concepts in Grammar, Vocabulary, Anatomy & Physiology, Reading, and Math apply to clinical practice. 

Dr. Adkins will provide an in-depth review of the core concepts. By reviewing each question with you and dissecting the sentence down and pointing out key vocabulary terms and grammar rules, you learn on-the-spot how to apply the concepts. The grammar and vocabulary concepts are also useful in the other sections where you will definitely need to read for detail. Dr. Adkins teaches you how to focus on key parts of the question and get rid of incorrect answers choices quickly.  

With a medical doctor instructor, you will definitely understand the HESI Anatomy & Physiology section in great detail. But more importantly, you will learn how life works and how biology relates to chemistry and A&P all in the same question. What does it mean to be alive? What make you different from the person in ICU who has just died? Do you want to understand science in that context? Then certainly take Dr. Adkins’s TEAS & HESI Science class. You will learn it and understand it, not just memorize it anymore.

Dr. Adkins also has immense experience with math concepts and problems featured on different types of standardized exams. From fractions, decimals, and percent problems to word problems, algebra, and geometry to metric conversions, ratios, and probability, Dr. Adkins can show you how to do these questions in 5-10 seconds. Our strategies will help you to take a more logical approach to answering the math questions. Try a FREE 30-minute DEMO Today.

HESI A2 Review Course in Sandy  UTAdditionally, you will be able to practice and challenge your knowledge of the concepts using The Adkins Academy Questions Bank with hundreds of real HESI and TEAS Questions written directly by Dr. Adkins. Also, each explanation is written by Dr. Adkins with easy to follow step-by-step direction to solve the problem. The incorrect answers are explained as well.   

Though most nursing and other allied health schools require students to take multiple sections of the HESI A2 (5 of 9 sections for example), some programs only require one or two sections of the HESI A2 depending on the degree or certificate you are seeking. Not a problem, with The Adkins Academy you can customize your schedule to prepare for the HESI A2 Anatomy & Physiology or HESI A2 Vocabulary or HESI A2 Grammar, for example. Our HESI A2 Review Course in Sandy UT was created by Dr. Adkins to challenge your understanding of the concepts by reviewing hundreds of real questions. 

Our TEAS Review and HESI Review course is offered in The Adkins Academy Virtual Classroom with the opportunity to interact with Dr. Adkins in real time as he reviews hundreds of questions LIVE with our HESI students. Dr. Adkins provides real HESI review answers and explanations that will help you to improve your HESI score immediately. You will undoubtedly understand how to approach the HESI exam after working with Dr. Adkins. 

With The Adkins Academy TEAS Review & HESI Review Course, you will have the opportunity to ask questions during the LIVE class as well as be able to schedule office hours with Dr. Adkins directly during the week. Dr. Adkins makes himself available to all of his clients to answer your TEAS and HESI questions outside of class time throughout the entire HESI prep course. Additional, Dr. Adkins holds scheduled office hour for clients to join in on to get any HESI or TEAS question answered live, sometimes though our Facebook LIVE Q&A sessions as well. 

Nursing school has quickly become very competitive and difficult to get in to in the last 10 years. Besides having good grades, stellar letters of recommendation, and tons of extracurricular activates, you must also have an Exemplary TEAS Score or High Advance HESI A2 score. Yeah, we are talking 80’s and 90’s. In fact, some program will NOT even look at your application unless ALL of your score including your composite Adjusted Individual Total TEAS Score or HESI Score is above 80. HESI A2 Review Course in Sandy  UT

This is where The Adkins Academy TEAS & HESI Review course excels above any other as the course as our course GAURANTEES an 85 AITS or BETTER. We can make this guarantee because Dr. Adkins is VERY confident that after you have taken all of our classes you will be over prepared for the HESI A2 or TEAS test. You will understand exactly how to apply your knowledge and get your TEAS or HESI score into the HIGH 80s and 90s. You WILL BE on of the 40 – 50 students who GET ACCEPTED into nursing school out of the 500 or more applicants. 

The Adkins Academy HESI A2 Review Course in Sandy UT puts a high priority of repetition and learning through problem based learning, much like you will do in nursing school. With over 500 real TEAS & HESI questions written and reviewed during class by Dr. Adkins, you will certainly learn the material and retain it for life. Dr. Adkins explains the questions in detail and provides real clinical applications to the material during the HESI A2 Review Course in Sandy UT. 

Though passing the HESI A2 exam can seem like a daunting challenge, with the right HESI prep you can be assured to do well. With The Adkins Academy HESI Test Review Course, you will practice HESI questions that will challenge your understanding of the concepts. Many of the concepts Dr. Adkins discusses are also clinical concepts you will see in nursing school – so learn it now. You must be able to critically think and apply your knowledge. 

Dr. Adkins has personally written every question to challenge your understanding of the concepts ask of the HESI exam. These questions provide a clinical perspective that will help you to elevate your knowledge even before you get into nursing school. You will learn and study just as if you were in nursing school. We are preparing you NOW for your tomorrow. 

Don’t wait any longer, contact Dr. Adkins now to start preparing for your HESI exam or TEAS exam NOW. The sooner you start preparing the sooner you can take your exams, get a very competitive score, and get into nursing school. Dr. Adkins is available now to take your call, just dial 301-960-4950. Try for FREE, sign up for a FREE 30-minute HESI Class DEMO. 


HESI A2 Review Course in Sandy  UTHESI A2 Review Course in Sandy  UTHESI A2 Review Course in Sandy  UT