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Registered Nurses play an extremely pivotal role in the healthcare experience for patients, doctors, health insurers, social services providers, and healthcare facilities to name a few. As such, nurse are ubiquitous throughout the healthcare arena and are in very high demand. In fact, many hospital and other care facilities are offering a tremendous SIGN ON BONUS in addition to a very lucrative salary for skilled nurses who are qualified and have PASS THE NCLEX the 1st time.

However, throughout the United States and Canada, there is a significant shortage of licensed registered nurses ready to meet the ever changing challenges that face our current healthcare systems. With millions of aging retirees entering into their later years of life, delivering preventative care and primary care is expected to be provided by the nurses. Are you ready to meet the challenge and take you career to the next level? 
NCLEX RN Test Prep in Dade City FL
The Adkins Academy LIVE NCLEX RN Test Prep in Dade City FL brings together a network of experienced professional Master's Level Nurses and Medical Doctors to instruct our problem-based learning format courses. Our LIVE interactive courses feature
real clinical cases and challenging case vignettes that challenge our students to think, collect and analyze subject and metrics data in real-time, and confidently select the correct answer or answers on the NCLEX-RN exam. We work through and analyze over 500 realistic clinical NCLEX-RN type questions and case stuies during the course to cover the key concepts you will need to apply for the exam and in your clinical practice as a licensed registered nurse.

Are you ready for the NEW 2019 NCLEX? We are! The Adkins Academy NCLEX RN Test Prep in Dade City FL features case studies, clinical challenge questions, decision trees, case management questions, and other specific content application material you will see on the NCLEX. Here is the new 2019 Concept Distribution (See 2019 NCLEX-RN Test Plan)
Each class covers core clinical NCLEX RN Test Prep in Dade City FLapplication concepts necessary for "Meeting Clients Needs" including maintaining a Safe and Effective Care Environment, increasing Health Promotion and Maintenance, assessing Psychosocial Integrity, and of course maintaining Physiological Integrity. We discuss the major subcategories of the NCLEX-RN exam including management of care, safety and infection control, basic care and comfort, pharmacological and perenteral therapies, reduction of risk potential, and physiological adaptation. 

With close to a quarter million NCLEX-RN examinees from national and international nursing school recent years, the competition for very coveted nursing positions is FIERCE.  It is IMPERATIVE that PASS on the 1st TIME. With The Adkins Academy NCLEX-RN Virtual Prep Course you can be assured to PASS your NCLEX-RN exam the first time GUARANTEED or you can retake our entire NCLEX RN Test Prep in Dade City FL again for FREE. Our experienced clinical instructors avail themselves for your questions during office hours during the entire course. PLUS you have access to thousands of real challenging questions from The Adkins Academy Question Bank and support material we provide to our clients.

The Adkins Academy Team will not only help you PASS THE NCLEX on the 1st time, but we will also support you in your job search and placement. We have a vast network of associated faculty, hospitals, talent agencies, recruiters, etc who are looking for highly motivated, qualified, and exception professional like you. So let The Adkins Academy Team help you to get that DREAM JOB you've always wanted.
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NCLEX RN Test Prep in Dade City FLNCLEX RN Test Prep in Dade City FLNCLEX RN Test Prep in Dade City FLNCLEX RN Test Prep in Dade City FL