Challienging Your Knowledge is the BEST Way to Prepare!!!


The Adkins Academy teams of highly trained and academically vetted standardized exam experts have created thought-provoking questions and explanations that are guaranteed to transform the way you think about the TEAS VI test, HESI A2 exam, and NCLEX-RN exam.

  • Over 1500 challenging, multi-concept questions

  • Hundreds of core knowledge, strategies, and interdisciplinary question

  • Test your knowledge under actual test conditions with timing and subject selection options

  • Written and Video Explanations

  • Create a short 10 Question Quiz or long 50 Question Quiz

  • Results reporting to help you better understand your weaknesses and strengths


These questions have been created to be challenging and in most case to be even more difficult than your actual exam. Additionally, many questions are written to include real clinical or life scenarios so that you can see how this knowledge applies to actual challenges you may face later.

The reality is YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW UNTIL YOU ARE QUESTIONED ON IT.So we encourage our clients to challenge their knowledge by doing hundreds if not thousands of questions to accurately prepare for your TEAS VI or NCLEX-RN or HESI A2 exams. Our questions also require you to apply what you know.


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