J. Gedjeyan from California

Oct 10, 2018 Adkins Academy Review by gedjeyj1 on  Allnurses.com

"I recently completed Adkins Academy, October 2018, and happy to say I passed on my first try-computer version. Prior to signing up with Adkins Academy I had gone to another TEAS tutoring center that cost me 9 plus for ATI book. After I completed the course at the tutoring center I paid for two ATI assessment tests and failed both tests. Not only did I fail in my overall score but I failed in most of the individual sections as well. At this point I'm thinking to my-self I have paid over 0 and I'm still failing.

When I saw these embarrassing scores I knew I was in trouble. Feeling desperate and slowly loosing my self-confidence I starting googling TEAS 6 review centers' and I came across Adkins Academy. I explained to Dr. Adkins how I'm at a deadline and I only have 2.5 weeks to pass this test or else I will miss my application deadline. I told him my experience at the tutoring center and how I failed both ATI assessment tests.

He told me that in 2.5 weeks he can guarantee me I will pass the test. He told me how he will do everything on his end for me to pass but at the same time I have my end that I need to do as well. He told me if I stick with the program and really truly study his packets I will pass the test. He also told me about his credentials, experience, education, and teaching background. I did everything he told me to do and I'm happy and proud to say I passed on my first try.

Yes, [seems like] a lot of money but you can't just have a tunnel vision and only look at the amount. You have to look at it as an INVESTMENT towards your future. In the long run it will pay off. Also, the other center I wen't too does have ".edu" but when I took the assessment test I failed. When I finished my actual TEAS 6 test all I kept saying to myself was, "thank God I found Adkins Academy!" because if I had taken the test with the school that had ".edu" next to its name I would of failed. EVERYTHING Dr. Adkins said would be on the test, WAS on the test.

In 2.5 weeks these are some of the major changes: Science score went up 23 percent, English went up 14 percent, Reading 18 percent, and Math 11 percent. I started the program September 23,2018 and took the exam on October 9, 2018.

Hope this helps!"