Industry-Academia Meet at BK Birla Institute of Engineering & Technology in Pilani, India 2015

The Adkins Academy Team presented on Opportunities for Globalizing Your Inginuity in Healthcare, Biomedical Engineering, & Information Technology. This opportunity to teach worldwide has inspired The Adkins Academy Team to work extra hard. No matter where you are in the world The Adkins Academy Team is there to help.

The Adkins Academy Team teaching Small Group Classes in various states including Maryland, Virginia, New York, New Jersey & California in 2011-2012


Educating Students Worldwide

Our Education Spans Countries and Borders

At Adkins Academy, we believe that everyone deserves to have access to quality education to help prepare them for their future careers. Our education and training is available virtually and online, so no matter where you live, you can benefit from training led by medical doctors and college professors. Our mission is to help students advance in their education and careers and have the access to training and help they need.

How the Virtual Classroom Works

Our virtual classroom is incredibly interactive and features multimedia from a variety of sources to help you learn. You will be able to learn from audio, visual, texting, editing, whiteboard, polling, and other amenities while using our virtual learning platform. We offer engaging training and test prep in a small study group and one-on-one learning as well, depending on your needs, timeline, and our courses. Not only do you have access to online and virtual learning, but our professors and educators have additional office hour times for you to ask questions and get support.

We work with clients and students from all over the world so dealing with different time zones and countries is not an issue for us. Your class schedule can be uniquely arranged to match your timezone and optimized to enhance your specific learning requirements. THis means we will work around your school, work, and life obligations.

During your virtual learning, you won’t just be watching a video. Our virtual classroom students benefit from being able to:

  • Ask and answer questions

  • See the instructor

  • Read the writing on the whiteboard

  • Hear explanations and classroom dialogue

  • Be seen and heard as if in a real classroom

Who Are Your Instructors?

Our founder, Brian J. Adkins, M.D., MBA, has spent many years helping to prepare high school and college students to excel on their standardized exams. During this time, he has developed strategies and techniques that will help boost our student’s confidence in themself and overall understanding of the subject matter. His learning methods have helped thousands of students succeed on their standardized entrance exams for college, nursing school, and graduate school. Each other instructor at The Adkins Academy holds at least a Master’s degree or a Doctorate degree and has multiple years of teaching experience behind them. Your future is in the right hands, no matter where in the world you are!

What You Need for Worldwide Learning

The materials needed for distance learning is just what you would expect. Having a computer or laptop that can stream video and audio is essential. And in order to be seen and heard, you’ll need a microphone and webcam. Aside from those few materials, the most important aspect to worldwide learning is the desire to learn and an open mind! We have found that virtual learning can be just as effective as in-person training when the students are committed to learning.

Courses You Can Take for Worldwide Learning

  • TEAS VI Review Course

  • TEAS VI Test Prep

  • HESI A2 Review Course

  • HESI A2 Test Prep

  • NCLEX RN Review Course

Education Personalized to Your Learning Speeds

We have seen all too frequently that review courses and tutors go at their own speed and not the speed of their students. This is not how learning is accomplished. Our professors will work closely with you to establish your ideal learning speed and environment. We will identify areas of weakness and cater your training around that if need be, or if you need us to slow down, we can do that with no problem. We want you to be successful, and that means educating you at your own pace and learning style.

Learn Free at The Adkins Academy YouTube Channel

We are so confident in our ability to teach and motivated to help you learn that Dr. Adkins will go live every Monday at 7pm EST on The Adkins Academy YouTube Channel. Here, Dr. Adkins will go over free TEAS and HESI review questions. Our YouTube channel is also packed full of helpful videos and resources that will assist you in preparing for your future and the upcoming standardized tests. You’ll be able to learn and review core concepts that will help you score higher and pass exams!

This YouTube channel is the perfect supplement to your classes, especially the ones you take with The Adkins Academy. You'll be able to interact with Dr. Adkins himself and learn from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

What Sets Us Apart from Others

At The Adkins Academy, we are proud of being innovative and accessible to all, no matter where you live. If you have a desire to learn and grow, we want to be there for you. We strive to cater our teaching to your needs in order to improve long-term knowledge retention and long-lasting results. We cater towards your learning speed, and don’t force you to follow our own. This way, you can progress at your own pace, no matter where you live. And when you learn from professors with distinguished careers, you can feel confident that you’re getting a quality education. This isn’t just a part-time job for us, it’s our passion and our career!

Guaranteed Results on the TEAS VI

Our courses for the TEAS VI exam are designed to challenge and enrich you. We constantly create new questions and develop new curriculum for the course to help you learn and ensure that you are never left feeling like something was not covered. We are so confident in our ability to help you achieve a 78 AIT score or better, that if you don’t achieve that score, we will let you retake the course again for free! We will even evaluate your score report and figure out areas of improvement and cater your learning to where you need it. This is truly education customized to you.

Ready to Learn?

If you want to get a better score on your next standardized test, no matter where you are, give us a call at 301-960-4950 today!