Do you need assistance in preparing for the English portion of the TEAS exam? We can help! Here at Adkins Academy, we are committed to helping students fully understand the material we teach them. If you are looking to study for the TEAS exam, contact our team today! We are excited to help you with any TEAS exam prep that you need. 

About the English Portion

The TEAS English Test portion will evaluate the student on their understanding of the conventions of standard English. Being a test that is meant to measure the students' academic skill level, it will not only test their knowledge of language and vocabulary as it pertains to the nursing field but also general conventions of the language as well. A mastery of the English language is an essential skill for anyone in the medical field. The TEAS English portion examines the students' ability to be able to communicate with patients and hospital staff clearly and effectively and as such, will also test the student’s knowledge of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. 

The English portion of the TEAS English Test is shorter than other sections, but it is nonetheless important to master in order to secure a competitive overall score. The TEAS English Test consists of 28 questions, and test-takers get 28 minutes to complete this portion. That averages out to exactly one question per minute, which is quite quick! For this reason, it is crucial to have a solid foundation of knowledge before sitting for the exam. Knowing exactly what is expected of you on the TEAS English Test is a sure way to success.

While the English and Language usage section makes up the smallest portion of the TEAS, roughly 16%, you will need to communicate your knowledge effectively in the following areas: 

  • The ability to identify correct spelling and punctuation, as well as their correct usage.

  • Sentence structure.

  • The ability to delineate informal vs. formal writing. 

  • Understanding complex vocabulary through context clues. 

  • The ability to develop and produce clear and concise paragraphs. 

Our TEAS Test Prep Course


Here at Adkins Academy, we are committed to not only teaching our students the TEAS material, but also helping them truly understand it. We do this because we want our students to continue applying the knowledge they learn on the exam throughout their nursing careers. Our TEAS English Test Prep course is designed to build an understanding of the concepts through thoroughly designed practice questions. Our high yield and challenging set of questions for the English portion of the TEAS are designed to provoke thought and reinforce the material you are learning. These questions are written and vetted by our highly trained staff of standardized exam experts. They are designed to not only test your knowledge of the subject matter but also to transform the way you think about these questions. The TEAS English portion will include questions that are purposely misleading to measure students test-taking skills. The Adkins Academy TEAS Test Prep Course will prepare students for this by including questions that are often more challenging than the ones you will encounter on the exam, to reinforce the material being discussed in the virtual classroom.


TEAS English Scoring Guidelines

Each nursing school individually decides what score constitutes a “pass”. However, most programs want to see scores at least in the 60% - 70% range. Having a score in a higher range increases your chances of acceptance at the school of your choice!


TEAS English Sub- Content Areas

The TEAS English exam focuses on three primary sub-content areas. The first of these is conventions of standard English. In addition, the TEAS English portion tests knowledge of language and vocabulary acquisition. These three sub-content areas test knowledge of grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and context.

Tips for Success

Here at Adkins Academy, we are committed to helping you succeed in all aspects of the TEAS English portion. This includes giving you valuable advice to help you stay focused. Here are just a few:

Before you look at the response options provided, you should always work out the math problem yourself and come up with your own answer. If your answer matches one of the answer choices, you are in good shape. However, if time allows, you should always double-check your work. The TEAS loves to throw in tricky answer choices to stump you.

It is important to remember the Math section of the TEAS is multiple-choice, meaning if you can eliminate even one wrong answer, your chances of answering the question correctly greatly increase. Therefore, if you are stumped on a question you should always seek to cross out answers that are clearly incorrect.

Example questions:


After Rashida and Mike finished running a half marathon, ________________ drank water and ate a big meal.

  1. Her

  2. Them

  3. They

  4. Themselves


The local movie theater is giving free tickets to people, men, and women as part of a local film festival. 

Which of the following words or phrases are redundant in the sentence above?

  1. Free

  2. To people

  3. Men and women

  4. As part


Prepare for the TEAS English Portion in our Virtual Classroom

Our live TEAS English Test Prep course will take place in the Adkins Academy Virtual Classroom. Here, you will be able to go over the material and these questions in detail with a professional instructor. Your professor will help you to develop strategies on how to approach difficult questions on the TEAS English Exam. These courses are not prerecorded, they are in real-time allowing you to review and ask questions with a live instructor among other classmates. This allows you the unique privilege of collaborative space in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere with a stable internet connection! Having a small group atmosphere allows you to ask and answer questions, see your instructor and their whiteboard, and listen to their instruction and class dialogue all in real-time as you prepare for the English portion of your TEAS exam.  

To supplement your studies, you will also have a subscription to the Adkins Academy question bank granting you access to a variety of questions written or vetted by Dr. Adkins himself. These questions will be much like the questions you will be working with during our TEAS Test Prep course. Our test bank is filled with thousands of review questions and we encourage you to work on them as often as you can to prepare for your TEAS English Exam. 

A competitive TEAS score is essential when applying to nursing schools. Rather than just memorizing the material, The Adkins Academy Test Prep course aims to bring you from “I don’t know” to “I understand” when dealing with complex questions on the English portion of the exam. Get started working with our professional team of instructors as well as Dr. Adkins himself and guarantees yourself a higher score on the English section of your TEAS exam. 

Prepare for the TEAS English Portion with Adkins Academy

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