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Well, you're NOT alone. With the National Average TEAS VI Science Score is a 57.2% (see below), most people are FAILING. Individuals with LOW Score will NOT be competitive candidates for the many VERY COMPETITIVE ADN and BSN nursing programs around the country. Many TEAS 6 Review Books promise to help but CLEARLY DON'T help most people given the US National Average Adjusted Individual TEAS VI Score being a 65.6%.

If you are ready to put in the study time for EXEMPLARY Resuts then Dr. Adkins can help you understand the TEAS Science Section. With just 1 TEAS Science Class you will UNDERSTAND HOW LIFE WORKS.

Looking to understand NOT MEMORIZE concepts like Cellular Respirations? Take your understanding from "I don't really know" to "I UNDERSTAND" how this is related to the ABCs of emergency medicine - Airway, Breathing, Circulation!!!!

The Adkins Academy TEAS Test Review Course by Dr. AdkinsDr. Adkins explains the science concepts in a way that will help you to understand, retain, and apply the knowledge. Go from zero to hero in one day with The Adkins Academy TEAS Science Review Course.

Dr. Adkins will go step-by-step diagrams and questions with you and provide logical and clear solutions. He will use different colors to highlight concepts and talk throught each questions with you. If you have a questions, you can ask and get your questions answered in real-time during our live online TEAS Review Course.

Looks Complicated Right?

TEAS Science Review biology cellular respiration explained

Not Really, not after Dr. Adkins explain it in detail. You will know it. 

From chemistry to biology to genetics to A&P to microbiolgy to immunology, Dr. Adkins can help you understand it all. He will explain each component and provide real clinical senarios and diseases that help you understand the "hows and whys" of sciecne. 

So, don't let the TEAS VI Science section keep you from getting an EXEMPLARY TEAS Score and getting accepted into nursing school.

The TEAS Science Section


The Science section is an important part of the TEAS test. Many of the questions asked are what you’ll NEED to know for carrying out future tasks. Many of the day-to-day procedures you might be performing, such as listening to a heartbeat, could not be performed without science.


With Adkins Academy, learn about the science sections: Scientific Reasoning, Life and Physical Science, and Human Anatomy and Physiology. We have the solutions YOU need in order to pass TEAS’s science section. With our help, you’ll be less worried.


Don’t stress! We’ve got the proper tools for you to succeed. Learn techniques, topics, and get your questions answered. These are guided so that YOU you can pass. Your success is our priority. Study with Adkins Academy and we’ll do MORE for you than flashcards and apps could.


Stressed From Testing?


First, take a deep breath! Studying for exams such as the TEAS can be stressful. It’s important to remember that lots of people are experiencing different emotions related to this. But also remember, we are here to help you. Studying for the TEAS doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. While Science and other subjects can be hard to study for, Adkins Academy is here to help YOU succeed. 


Dr. Adkins knows what often works for students and what doesn’t. He can help you UNDERSTAND concepts so that you’re more than ready for a test. Understanding concepts, instead of just memorizing, helps you to feel more confident if you’re asked a question about it on the test.


Schedule your studying appropriately. Squeezing in studying at the last moment often does NOT work. Spreading out your studying a fair amount will allow your brain to refresh on topics. Adkins Academy is an excellent resource because it can provide you with multiple great studying methods.


Ever read a textbook that has too much information? That most likely won’t help you. These types of books could not prepare you in a way that Adkins Academy preparation does. Science doesn’t have to be a difficult subject, with multiple terms and loaded information. It can be a FUN yet EDUCATIONAL topic that’ll leave you excited for more. With the help of diagrams, highlighting concepts, and talking through questions, Dr. Adkins will give you study material that you can GET.


Don’t quit just because you’re stressed. There’s a vast amount of ways we can turn that stress into PROGRESS. Take some deep breaths and sign up with Adkins Academy. Our Science review is geared for students just like you.


How Can You Start?


Call Dr. Adkins at 301-960-4950. Here, you can ask any questions you have about testing. Sign up to start your TEAS Prep Course. We can work to turn your score higher than its been by giving you strategies and tips that work for you. Don’t wait, sign up today to schedule your online course.


Consider our other courses available as well. For any information, please call the number listed. Our goal is to turn your scores into the greatest you’ve EVER seen. 




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