One of the most challenging aspects of the TEAS exam is the science portion. This portion of the test encompasses life science, physical science, earth science, scientific reasoning and anatomy & physiology. With it being this comprehensive, it is easy for it to seem overwhelming. Be prepared with The Adkins Academy TEAS Science Review Class. Our high yield and challenging set of questions for the science portion of the TEAS are designed to provoke thought and reinforce the material.


Medical Doctor Brian Adkins reviews the concepts in a step-by-step process with each question building upon the last. With our live TEAS Test Prep course, you will go over these questions in detail where you will be able to ask questions and review in real time. To supplement your studies, you will also have a subscription to The Adkins Academy Question Bank granting you access to a variety of questions written or vetted by Dr. Adkins himself.  


The TEAS Science portion has proven to be very difficult for most TEAS examinees as the national average for this section is 57.2% out of 100%. And this is the case for people who has taken all the science pre-requisite classes. The Adkins Academy has several students who have scored 100% on the TEAS Science section. If you understand how to apply your knowledge of the concepts in science you too can score 100% in the TEAS Science Section.


So don’t waste your time with the flash cards, 2 minute internet lectures, the test prep books and apps that are NOT GETTING MOST APPLICANT competitive scores in the TEAS Science section. Let Dr. Adkins help you really understand science and how to apply the concepts to real patients with The Adkins Academy TEAS Science Review Class. Our 8 hour class is in-depth, comprehensive, very targeted to the TEAS Science, and, best of all, will get you the TEAS Science Results you need to get into your top choice nursing school.