TEAS VI Math Test Prep Course

On the Math portion of the TEAS exam, you will encounter 36 multiple-choice questions. You will have 54 minutes to complete the Math section, which works out to about 90 seconds per question. This means you must be able to comprehend what the question is asking, set up the proper way to solve the problem and arrive at the correct response all in under two minutes. Remember, you are only permitted a four-function calculator for this exam portion, so proper test preparation is key!

On the exam, content is divided into two sections: Measurement and Data, and Number and Algebra. Of these two areas, the bulk of questions will come from the Number and Algebra content area. 

Tips for success:

Before you look at the response options provided, you should always work out the math problem yourself and come up with your own answer. If your answer matches one of the answer choices, you are in good shape. However, if time allows, you should always double-check your work. The TEAS loves to throw in tricky answer choices to stump you.

It is important to remember the Math section of the TEAS is multiple-choice, meaning if you can eliminate even one wrong answer, your chances of answering the question correctly greatly increase. Therefore, if you are stumped on a question you should always seek to cross out incorrect answers.

What is considered a passing score?

Each nursing school individually decides what score constitutes a “pass”. However, most programs want to see scores at least in the 60% - 70% range. Having a score in a higher range increases your chances of acceptance at the school of your choice!

Skills needed to pass the Math section of the TEAS:

To master the Math portion of the TEAS, you should be very comfortable with all of these items:

  • Identifying the relationship between variables

  • Interpreting and evaluating data from tables, charts, graphs, and other visualizations

  • Translating phrases into equations, expressions, and inequalities

  • Converting percentages, decimals, and fractions

  • Using estimation techniques to solve real-world problems

  • Ordering and comparing rational numbers

The Math portion of the TEAS VI is written to reflect the ever-evolving needs of the medical field, especially your understanding of conversions now (drug calculations later). You will be primarily required in this portion of the TEAS 6 test to answer questions regarding Measurements and Data, as well as Numbers and Algebra, and some Geometry.

You will have access to a TEAS provided a simple 4 function calculator for this portion of the exam BUT don’t think that this will be as easy as punching numbers into the calculator. Expect these TEAS questions to come in a variety of different formats such as equations, word problems, proportionalities, geometric shapes, and statements that you will have to first decode, formulate a plan of action, and then answer. Determining what is being asked of you is often the most difficult part of the question.

This is to ensure that all potential nurses can apply these concepts effectively as they relate to the nursing field. You will certainly encounter countless challenges as a nurse. Your nursing school wants to know that you can think on your feet quickly and effectively. You will need to do more than just memorize the equations, you will need to dig into the hows and whys of the word problems which The Adkins Academy TEAS Math Review can help you do. After all, when you are a nurse, there won't be a cheat sheet.  

Our TEAS VI Math Test Prep Course is designed to build an understanding of the concepts through thoroughly designed real practice TEAS questions, not just flashcards and boring text. Our high yield and challenging TEAS VI Math Test Prep Course questions are designed to provoke thought and reinforce the material learned. With our live TEAS VI Test Math Prep Course, you will go over these questions with Dr. Adkins in detail where you will be able to ask questions, learn quick strategies, and review the TEAS Questions in real-time. To supplement your studies, you will also have a subscription to The Adkins Academy Question Bank granting you access to over 400 TEAS Math questions written and vetted by Dr. Adkins himself.

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