Nursing is one of the most difficult educational programs students can choose. This is because it is constantly changing and growing as new medical research leads to advances and discoveries. That is why many schools have diligent requirements in order to get accepted. This extends to the necessary testing required to attend. Nursing schools know the importance of their profession and demand high-quality candidates for a position that calls for extensive knowledge and quick thinking. These schools understand that each of their graduates will one day hold patients' lives in their hands. 


For people born with the desire to nurture and heal people in need, getting accepted into the nursing school of their choice is the first step in their career. As with many professions, this begins with a critical test that must be passed. That test is The Test of Essential Academic Skills, and Adkins Academy can help get you prepared for this crucial exam.


What is the TEAS VI Exam?


The Test of Essential Academic Skills or the TEAS 6 exam, is a general knowledge test that is meant to measure a person's academic ability and test-taking skills for many allied health schools. This test is not to be taken lightly, as it is one of the benchmarks used to determine a potential applicant’s ability to succeed in nursing school, veterinarian tech school, ultrasound tech school, dental tech school, and others. Here are the different sections of the TEAS VI Exam that are important to study:

  • Reading

    • There are 53 questions in this section of the exam over the course of just over an hour at 64 minutes. These questions will go over such content such as:

      • Key ideas and details

      • Craft and structure

      • Integration of knowledge and ideas

  • Mathematics

    • There are 36 questions in this section of the exam over the course of just under an hour at 54 minutes. These questions will go over such content such as:

      • Numbers and algebra

      • Measurement and data

  • Science

    • There are 53 questions in this section of the exam over the course of just over an hour at 63 minutes. These questions will go over such content such as:

      • Human anatomy and physiology

      • Life and physical sciences

      • Scientific reasoning

  • English and Language Usage

    • There are 28 questions in this section of the exam over the course of 28 minutes. These questions will go over such content such as:

      • Conventions of standard English

      • Knowledge of language

      • Vocabulary acquisition


The Adkins Academy Difference


Everyone learns information and prepares for the test in different ways. Most people will use a TEAS VI Online Practice Test as their basic method of TEAS test preparation. Others may use a TEAS VI Prep Course to help them prepare on a more in-depth basis for their test. However, regardless of your preferred study method, you are ultimately responsible for how prepared you will be on test day. No matter how you study, it is crucial that you try your absolute best.


That is why Adkins Academy is here to make sure you understand the material as best as possible. If you do not pass the initial test after taking our course, you can retake the course as much as needed for completely free. We are committed to making sure you are able to remember this important information as detailed as possible, since this is all information you are going to have to remember during your future career as a nurse.


Nursing schools almost always use your TEAS scores as part of their main admissions criteria, making success on these exams an essential step in your journey to becoming a nurse. The Adkins Academy TEAS 6 Review Course is committed to your success, in fact, we guarantee you will earn a 90% or higher score on your TEAS VI exam on your first try or you can retake the TEAS Review class absolutely Free!


Subjects Taught By Adkins Academy


The new TEAS VI exam is composed of four sections: Science, English, Reading, and Math. In order to position you best for success, The Adkins Academy features a variety of challenging high yield TEAS questions written by Dr. Adkins himself. These questions are meant to simulate the questions you will be encountering on your TEAS VI test. They are designed to not only teach you the material but for you to also get comfortable with the types of TEAS questions asked and the critical thinking required to score in the exemplary level.


During our classes, we will review these questions one-by-one, explaining key concepts in detail, and discuss the thinking needed to arrive at the correct answer. Our Live Online TEAS 6 Test Prep Classes are not lectures, but rather live TEAS Review sessions where we go over real questions 1-by-1. This method allows for a full understanding of what is needed to be successful on the exam, rather than simply memorizing information. After working with Dr. Adkins, you will understand the material and know-how to apply your knowledge to the TEAS Questions.  


We offer four different subjects throughout our TEAS VI Review Course. These include:

  • TEAS Science

    • Normally considered to be the most difficult section of the TEAS VI exam, Adkins Academy can help you prepare thoroughly for the Science section. Our founder, Dr. Adkins, will guide you throughout the section using diagrams and questions that are extremely similar to questions actually seen on the exam.  

  • TEAS English

    • This section of the TEAS VI exam focuses on English conventions and comprehension, things that Adkins Academy can help you prepare for before it is time to take the exam. Dr. Adkins will help you understand this section through comprehensive questions and engaging lessons.

  • TEAS Math

    • This section is divided into two separate parts: Measurement and Data, and Number and Algebra. As you are only allowed to have a four-function calculator, it is crucial that you fully understand the questions asked during these parts. Thankfully, Dr. Adkins is here to help guide you throughout the entire section using comprehensive practice exam questions.

  • TEAS Reading

    • Our test prep will make sure that you understand all three portions of this section: Key Ideas and Details, Craft and Structure, and Integration of Knowledge and Ideas. Much like our other section review courses, Dr. Adkins can help you truly understand and remember all of the different parts of these sections. 


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The Adkins Academy TEAS Test Prep Guarantee is fully committed to seeing you succeed on your TEAS exam. We take this commitment seriously. As such, you are allowed a free complete course retake if you do not score a 90 or better on your TEAS exam the first time. As a general knowledge test, the TEAS can also be treated as an excellent learning opportunity to show you areas you need to improve before embarking on your journey to nursing school. ATI, the creator of the TEAS VI exam, also writes questions for your exams while in nursing school, so it doesn’t just stop with the TEAS test.

Don’t procrastinate any longer, call Dr. Adkins now at 310-629-1174 for help with your future in nursing. Start with the TEAS VI Online Practice Test now to help you prepare for our comprehensive TEAS VI Review Course