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After taking the test twice, I was struggling ...on my second attempt I made a 66.7% and on my third attempt (after my tutor sessions with The Adkins Academy) I made an 87.5%... -Benjamin K.
These review courses are excellent! Dr. Adkins helped me tremendously in preparation for the TEAS test. I enrolled in the Adkins Academy classes 1 month prior to my test date and attended all 5 Adkins review sessions. These review classes, along with my own studying, helped me get a 90.7% on the first attempt. When I first opened the ATI study manual I had no idea where to start. Dr. Adkins provided the guidance I needed. He is very knowledgeable, has a great way of teaching the material well, and provides many useful time-saving techniques and tips. He is always available for office hours if you need to call or text him with questions or clarification on topics. You can call him any time, as many times as you need, and he will never make you feel like a burden. He is super helpful and really wants students to succeed! -Ashley W.
I just wanted to say thank you for teaching a great TEAS test prep course this past spring. Before I had taken the course my initial TEAS test score was a 74%. After taking this course, I improved tremendously, achieving a score of 82%! This score also secured me a spot in the Arizona State University Traditional Pre-licensure Clinical Nursing Program starting this January 2016. I very much appreciate your willingness to help us become better test takers and greatly improve our scores. -Abrianna N.
I took my TEAS today for the first time- I scored in the 99th percentile. My score is proof that the strategies taught by The Adkins Academy work and the material was exactly what I needed to completely knock this out of the park. Dr. Adkins is simply amazing. Anyone wanting to do well on the TEAS need look no farther than The Adkins Academy, LLC. Brian definitely cares about your success. Well worth the investment in YOU! -Amy W.
I found the Adkins Academy to be one of the best investments that I have made so far in my life. Before I took this course I got a 73 on the TEAS, and the minimum for my college is a 78 so I was very stressed out. After taking this course every Sunday I took the TEAS again and got an 89. I promise you that Dr. Adkins is worth every penny. If your future is dependent on it then you need to do what is best. He will give you the best tools possible to succeed that is a guarantee. -Scott D.
The Adkins Academy was truly outstanding. When I first started studying for the TEAS I never thought I would be able to pass with a good score, it was very overwhelming. When I started taking these courses Dr. Brian Adkins showed us multiple strategies and tricks on how to look at specific types of questions and get them correct, without spending an extensive amount of time on them, which is ultimately the goal. I am so happy I came to the Adkins Academy and really do not know what I would have done without the information these courses provided. It was a great investment and I would recommend to anyone! -Charlotte V.