Recently, a team of scientists found the remains of what is thought to be the oldest remains belonging to Homo heidelbergensis in Spain. To conduct their analysis, the scientists compared bone fragment _________________ to known DNA samples from other Homo geneses. Fill in the blank. (QID 133704)

A. maternal mitochondrial DNA
B. paternal mitochondrial DNA
C. maternal chloroplast DNA
D. paternal chloroplast DNA

Which of the following correctly describes the membrane enclosing an animal cell nucleus and mitochondria? (QID 133703)

A. phospholipid bilayer containing proteins
B. hydrophilic glycoprotein bilayer
C. nucleotide-carbohydrate monolayer
D. rigid cellulose bilayer

A subcellular organelle that contains hypochlorous acid and digestive enzymes and is responsible for degrading cellular macromolecules and invading bacteria is the: (QID 133701)

A. cell membrane
B. nucleus
C. chloroplast
D. lysosome