Pyruvate kinase is an enzyme involved in the production of pyruvate from glucose. When pyruvate kinase is degraded within the cell, its monomeric units are broken down into _____________. (QID 133605)

A. amino acids
B nucleotides
C. monosaccharides
D. monoglycerols

Bacteria in the GI tract synthesize many water soluble vitamins that are critical cofactors that help facilitate the catalytic functions of: (QID 133604)

A. carbohydrates
B. proteins
C. lipids
D. minerals

Consumption of fat-free chewy candy results in absorption by the small intestines of mainly which of the following biological molecules? (QID 133603)

A. proteins
B. lipids
C. carbohydrates
D. vitamins

Consumption of carbohydrates and lipids by humans serve to primarily increase ones… (QID 133602)

A. mechanical energy
B. potential energy
C. kinetic energy
D. thermal energy

Which of the following provides the correct organizational structure for a living organism in increasingly order from smallest to largest? (QID 133601)

A. Molecules to organs to cells to tissues to organism
B. Atoms to molecules to cells to tissues to organs
C. Molecules to organ systems to organs to cells
D. Organisms to organ systems to organs to tissues