A foggy mirror in the bathroom during a long, hot, relaxing shower is the result of water molecules under high pressure and heat undergoing __________________ and then _______________ to produce the foggy mirror. (QID 133118)

A. sublimation, condensation
B. deposition, evaporation
C. evaporation, sublimation
D. evaporation, condensation

Which of the following could be a description of the gas state of a substance? (QID 133117)

A. Molecules vibrating slowly in an uncontained space in a haphazard fashion.
B. Molecules persistently and haphazardly moving within a contained space.
C. Molecules with high kinetic energy moving haphazardly without containment.
D. Molecules vibrating inside a larger organized lattice structure.

What type of chemical reaction is presented above and how many moles of H2 are needed for a balanced equation? (QID 133116)

A. single replacement reaction, 2
B. synthesis reaction, 3
C. neutralization reaction, 1
D. combustion reaction, 2

Which of the following is an example of condensation in the atmosphere? (QID 133115)

A. The endothermic conversion of water molecules becoming steam when boiling a pot
of water
B. The exothermic conversion of gases inside a water bottle into beads of water on the
inner plastic surface
C. The endothermic conversion of solid CO2 to a cold gaseous cloud that fills a concert
D. The exothermic conversion of atmospheric air into crystalized deposits on blades of
grass on a frosty winter morning.
___H2 + ___N2 ____NH3

As a hot air balloon rises, the air molecules within the balloon are… (QID 133114)

A. condensing causing a differential in the density of air molecule in the balloon
compared to the air molecules outside of the balloon.
B. undergoing sublimation that causes a cooling of the air molecules within the
balloon and a heating of the air molecules outside of the balloon.
C. shrinking in volume causing clouds to form that propel the hot air balloon upward.
D. expanding causing the air within the balloon to be less dense compared to the air
molecules outside the balloon.

When comparing water (H2O) to other molecules similar to it like hydrogen sulfide (H2S) or hydrogen selenide (H2Se) you notice that water has a higher boiling point than the other molecule. Which of the following components accounts for this observation? (QID 133111)

A. hydrophilic nature
B. hydrogen bonding
C. hydrophobic interactions
D. hydroxide solubility
Ca(OH)2 + NaF → CaF2 + NaOH

Which of the following inorganic elements is a key component within erythrocytes that facilitate binding of oxygen for aerobic respiration? (QID 133110)

A. C6H12O6
B. Fe2+
C. Zn2+
D. Ca2+