Experience the Convenience of Learning From Anywhere

The Adkins Academy has prepared thousands of students residing in the United States and Canada for nursing school exams such as the HESI, TEAS 6, and the NCLEX RN exam through The Adkins Academy Virtual Classroom. Our LIVE, interactive, online nursing classes are led by industry-leading, expert instructors. Virtual Classroom instructors wield masters and/or doctorate degrees. By taking a challenging, problem-based learning approach to teaching, our Virtual Classroom instructors empower students throughout their Adkins Academy learning experience.

Benefits of Online Nursing Classes & Virtual Classroom Learning

By providing our HESI, TEAS 6, NCLEX RN, and other course learning resources combined with highly-qualified instructors virtually, The Adkins Academy brings the classroom to you. Virtual Classroom sessions benefit students by making learning:

  • Accessible - Courses can be attended anywhere students have access to WiFi. Students do not have to worry about crowded classrooms full of people or transportation to and from school.

  • Flexible - Virtual Classroom sessions can be attended at times more workable for students. No matter the student’s schedule, virtual learning can provide a solution to their restraints.

  • Affordable - Attending our online nursing classes is more cost-efficient than many alternatives. Not only in regards to tuition costs but in adjacent costs as well. Expenses such as travel and time are greatly reduced through our Virtual Classroom program. 

  • Convenient - Virtual learning is more convenient to a broader spectrum of student lifestyles. With the opportunity to study when you can, students with children or full-time jobs can access learning materials when they best fit their schedule.


These benefits are crucial to a successful test preparation experience. The opportunity to study and learn on their own time in an immersive learning environment has helped and continues to help current and future nurses successfully prepare and take the challenging exams that can dictate and direct their futures.

Who Can Benefit Most From Online Nursing Classes &Virtual Learning?

In a constantly evolving world, the need for new skills and continuing education will only grow more and more crucial for professional success. Our understanding of concepts and the world around us will always be advancing so our education must as well. For parents, people working full-time jobs, and nursing students especially, time to study and better yourself is incredibly limited. Finding time in an already busy schedule is challenging enough not to mention if the time of day someone might actually be able to commit to isn’t optimal for online learning. So if you’re a parent, work full-time, go to school full-time, or are restricted by your schedule for other reasons, The Adkins Academy Virtual Classroom can provide you with the resources and tools you need to succeed.

Our Virtual Classroom Accepts the Challenges

The Virtual Classroom as offered by The Adkins Academy also combats the shortcomings of other online learning platforms through our problem-based approach to teaching and the interactive focus of our program. Many programs struggle to compete with in-class learning environments due to some of the inherent differences that exist through taking classes online.

  • Self-discipline is often a problem experienced by online learners. The Adkins Academy combats this through a more interactive approach than other programs offer. By inciting more participation from students, they have a more fulfilling experience that makes them feel more accountable for their continued learning.

  • Impersonal is a common complaint of online learning. However, because our Virtual Classroom provides visual and audio components to the experience we are able to create a more intimate small-group environment that challenges even the advantages of attending classrooms in person.

  • Isolation can be a substantial issue in the realm of online learning. The Adkins Academy Virtual Classroom incorporates a cohesive, participatory virtual environment for clients that features other students so the experience isn’t nearly as “isolated: as others.

  • Solo learning while an issue for other platforms, is not experienced with our program. Adapting our classrooms with feedback from other students and real-time discussions creates a fully immersive experience.

Our Online Nursing Classes Are Interactive 

ASK. During Virtual Classroom sessions, clients can ASK & ANSWER questions. Just like they were in a traditional classroom setting, students can engage with immediate feedback from the instructor. To pose a question, students may either type their inquiry into the conversation or verbally put it forward using their microphone. We also poll our clients for most questions to keep your answers private.

SEE. Attending the Online Nursing Classes brings the classroom to the student instead of the other way around. This includes being able to see the instructor, and know that you are interacting with a real person. Students can see his/her writing on the whiteboard and visually interact with the learning material.

HEAR. Students are not doomed to just reading text on a screen. Instead, they can hear the insightful explanations and class dialogue provided by both the instructor and other students alike. Virtual Classroom attendees can be SEEN & HEARD as the small group thoroughly reviews the questions and concepts for that class.

What Courses Are Available Virtually?

Our Virtual Classroom program features a robust catalog of coursework for students. Clients can take courses to prepare for nursing exams as well as traditional standardized tests. Our offered coursework includes classes such as our:

How To Get Started

From the convenience of their home, library, coffee shop, office, or even a road trip, students can learn on their own time so long as they can maintain a stable Internet connection. All you need is a computer, a web camera with a microphone, and an internet connection and you can begin learning and studying for courses and exams to further your career or begin a new one. So bring an open mind and be prepared to learn how to integrate concepts, perform mathematical shortcuts, eliminate misleading phrases within a question stem, utilize core logic methods for complex questions, and so much more with the Adkins Academy Virtual Classroom.

To get started with your online interactive learning experience with The Adkins Academy’s Virtual Classroom, contact us at (301) 960-4950 or visit our YouTube channel