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Sometimes, the traditional classroom setting is not the best approach. Perhaps you are currently working a full-time job that prohibits you from attending morning classes, or maybe you find yourself distracted or non-productive in more traditional settings. That is why we, at the Adkins Academy, are proud to introduce to you our online resources to help you prepare for crucial tests in the nursing field. We offer resources through the official Adkins Academy YouTube Channel to help you ace your TEAS and HESI exams.

The Adkins Academy YouTube channel is your #1 online resource for TEAS and HESI test prep. Whether you are looking for a quick recap of parasympathetic versus sympathetic autonomic nervous system activity or test-taking strategies to use on all of your important exams, our YouTube channel is packed with resources you can only find with The Adkins Academy. With similar formatting to our test prep courses, the videos you can find on The Adkins Academy Youtube Channel will be your best source for quickly learning and reviewing core concepts that will help you score high and pass your exams.

TEAS 6 review 

The Adkins Academy YouTube Channel: What We Offer

The Adkins Academy offers preparation and studying courses for a variety of different tests. Here are the tests we offer study courses on both our Virtual Classroom and our YouTube Channel:

  • TEAS

    • The Test of Essential Academic Skills, or TEAS, tests the knowledge of students preparing to enter the health care and nursing fields. Over the course of three and a half hours, the test-taker will answer 170 questions comprised of the following categories:

      • Reading

      • Math

      • Science

      • English and Language Usage

  • HESI A2

    • The Health Education Systems Incorporated A2 Entrance Exam, or HESI A2, is a test taken in conjunction with the TEAS for aspiring health care professionals. Consisting of ten overall exams, the following subjects will be featured:

      • Reading

      • Math

      • Biology

      • Chemistry

      • Anatomy and Physiology

      • Physics

      • Vocabulary

      • Grammar

You can watch thoughtful reviews and discussions from class and stay tuned for live feeds from Dr. Adkins himself! This unique section allows you to have your questions answered in our live question of the week, right here on our YouTube channel. Stop wasting your time studying from “review books” take don’t help you or anyone else for that matter get REAL Advanced or Exemplary Level scores. Get real lessons from real Clinical Professors in real-time!  

The Perfect Supplement to Your Classes

With our channel, you will have access to Member-Only Advanced Lesson Recaps from class and your test but also you will have access to Q&A Sessions by Dr. Adkins at your fingertips. Enjoy exclusive videos from Dr. Adkins himself, and have your TEAS or HESI questions answered in our live question of the week. You can enjoy the feeling of learning in a traditional setting while also being anywhere with an Internet connection.

Make sure to subscribe to the channel for regularly uploaded content and live streams. Whether you are a current student of The Adkins Academy, a past client, or just looking to join, The Adkins Academy Youtube channel is a must-have study tool to pass your TEAS or HESI exam.


The Adkins Difference

Here at Adkins Academy, we pride ourselves on being innovative and accessible to all of those who are interested in pursuing their health care goals. We use our programs such as our YouTube channel and the Virtual Classroom to help you learn and prepare on your own terms. 

At Adkins Academy, we value knowledge retention and long-lasting results. That is why if you are unable to pass your tests on the first try, you can retake our preparation courses as much as possible. We understand that every learner is different, and instead of giving you the information as fast as possible like many other preparation courses, we embrace this. When working with Dr. Adkins and his team of experts, you learn at a pace that is right for you and at a frequency that helps you understand the material thoroughly.

If you are interested in the services that Adkins Academy has to offer, give us a call at 301-960-4950 to speak with Dr. Adkins directly about your testing and career goals.

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