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The Adkins Academy Youtube Channel (About)

Our Youtube channel is your #1 online resource for TEAS, HESI, and NCLEX test prep. Whether you are looking for a quick recap of parasympathetic versus sympathetic autonomic nervous system activity or test-taking strategies to use on your TEAS VI Reading, TEAS Science, TEAS English, TEAS Math, HESI A2 or NCLEX-RN exam our youtube channel is packed with resources you can only find with The Adkins Academy. With similar formatting to our test prep courses, The Adkins Academy Youtube videos will be your best source for quickly learning and reviewing core concepts that will help you score high and pass. 

Dr. Adkins and his team of expert instructors provide many free TEAS, HESI, and NCLEX videos that will help you to understand the clinical relevance of the concepts asked on your test. 

You can watch thoughtful reviews and discussions from class and stay tuned for live feeds from Dr. Adkins himself! This unique section allows you to have your questions answered in our live question of the week, right here on our YouTube channel. Stop wasting your time studying from “review books” take don’t help you or anyone else for that matter get REAL Advanced or Exemplary Level scores. Get REAL lessons from REAL Clinical Professors in REAL time!

The Adkins Academy Youtube Channel (Courses) 

Additionally, The Adkins Academy Youtube Channel is the perfect supplement to your Adkins Academy Test Prep Course. With our channel, you will have access to Member-Only Advances Lesson Recaps from class and your test but also you will have access to Q&A Sessions by Dr. Adkins at your fingertips. Enjoy exclusive videos from Dr. Adkins himself, and have your TEAS, HESI, or NCLEX questions answered in our live question of the week. 

Make sure to subscribe to the channel for regularly uploaded content and live streams. Whether you are a current student of The Adkins Academy, a past client, or just looking to join, The Adkins Academy Youtube channel is a must-have study tool to pass your TEAS, HESI, or NCLEX exam.  

Virtual Classroom - Experience the Convenience of Learning From Anywhere

The Adkins Academy has prepared thousands of students residing in the United States, Canada, and other countries around the world through The Adkins Academy Virtual Classroom. Get the full experience of a small group classroom setting, from virtually anywhere. No pre-recorded lectures or videos, our instructors lead the discussion on our Adkins Academy Test Questions in real-time with real instructors, allowing you to simply turn on your microphone to ask your questions LIVE. Take advantage of our collaborative online learning environment. The small group setting allows you to discuss and fully understand your questions, and questions from your peers, before moving on to the next question. 

Our LIVE Online Interactive sessions feature instructors who hold masters and/or doctorate degrees and take a challenging, problem-based learning approach to teach and empower our clients.

During the sessions, clients can ASK & ANSWER Questions, SEE the instructor and his/her writing on the whiteboard, HEAR insightful explanations and class dialogue, and be SEEN & HEARD as the small group thoroughly reviews the questions and concepts for that class. Enjoy the collaborative, real-time feel of a classroom, from wherever you can access the internet. 

HAVE A QUESTION? GREAT!!! We love to hear your questions in our virtual classroom. The beauty of a classroom setting is that chances are, someone else does too. With our virtual classroom, you can TYPE your question in the textbox or simply ASK your question verbally by turning on your microphone. We also poll our clients for most questions to keep your answers private. We can then discuss your questions with the class in our collaborative classroom approach. 

Our clients can take our TEAS-VI Prep Course, SAT Prep Course, ACT Test Prep Course, NCLEX RN Preparation Course, or other courses from the convenience of their home, library, coffee shop, office, or even on a road trip, provided you can maintain a stable Internet connection. All you need is your computer and web camera with microphone. So bring an open mind and be prepared to learn how to integrate concepts, perform mathematical shortcuts, eliminate misleading phrases within a question stem, utilize core logic methods for complex questions, and so much more.

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