Avoid Fake Nursing Schools

Nursing is a rewarding and challenging career that requires dedication, hard work, and a commitment to patient care. Unfortunately, there are individuals and organizations that try to take shortcuts and engage in fraudulent schemes to obtain nursing degrees and credentials. The recent indictments of 25 defendants in Southern Florida for selling fraudulent nursing diplomas and transcripts highlight the importance of doing well on the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam to avoid fake nursing schools.

According to the indictments, the defendants sold over 7,600 fake nursing diplomas and transcripts from three South Florida-based nursing schools: Siena College, Palm Beach School of Nursing, and Sacred Heart International Institute. These diplomas and transcripts allowed purchasers to sit for the national nursing board exam and obtain RN and LPN/VN licenses in various states. However, these individuals did not complete the necessary coursework and clinicals required to obtain these credentials, putting patients at risk and tarnishing the reputation of legitimate nurses. READ MORE details about the indictment.

The TEAS exam is a crucial step for individuals interested in pursuing a career in nursing. The exam assesses a student’s knowledge of reading, math, science, and English language usage. Nursing schools use TEAS scores to determine a student’s readiness for nursing coursework and to evaluate their potential for success in the program.

Doing well on the TEAS exam is essential for several reasons. First, it demonstrates a student’s academic readiness for nursing coursework, ensuring they are well-prepared to succeed in their studies. Second, it can increase a student’s chances of getting accepted into a legitimate nursing program, as many schools have competitive admission requirements that include a minimum TEAS score. Finally, it helps protect patients from potential harm by ensuring that only qualified and competent nurses obtain RN and LPN/VN licenses. So don’t apply to FRAUDULENT NURSING schools that lure you in with low TEAS or HESI score requirements.

Fraudulent nursing schools and diploma mills are a serious threat to patient safety and the integrity of the nursing profession. By doing well on the TEAS exam and attending a legitimate nursing school, individuals can help prevent fraudulent schemes and protect patients from harm. Dr. Adkins holds convenient LIVE online TEAS & HESI classes every Sunday and Wednesday with students just like you who want to get into a real, legitimate nursing school.