5 Test Anxiety Strategies with The Adkins Academy

Whether it is a standardized nursing exam like the TEAS, HESI, or NCLEX, or just a big exam you have coming up, you’ve probably experienced some degree of test anxiety. After all, you’ve spent so much time studying for this upcoming test, it’s natural to feel nervous on test day. Believe it or not, it […]

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Why Study Questions are the Perfect NCLEX-RN Test Prep

Maybe you can remember everything you’ve ever read. Maybe you consider yourself an expert at creating outlines. Well, we have news, when it comes to NCLEX-RN test prep, study questions are the most effective tool for your time. At this point in your academic career, you have probably established a study method that works best […]

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NCLEX Categories Breakdown: What to Expect on Test Day

NCLEX Review Course

Congratulations, you have made it to the end of nursing school and its time for your NCLEX Review Course! Since this is the case, you probably aren’t spending much time patting yourself on the back just yet; you are preparing to take on your final challenge before becoming a registered nurse, the NCLEX. This last […]

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Prepare for the Next Level with Adkins Academy


Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to take your education to the next level and pursue a career in nursing. This means, depending on how far you are in your nursing school journey, you are likely facing exams like the HESI, HESI a2, TEAS VI, or even the NCLEX RN. The thought of taking these exams […]

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Nurses Are Providing Primary Care

HESI Online Prep Course

With the growth in the number of patients needing primary care, more nurses are providing primary care in rural and urban areas. In fact, nationwide from 2010 to 2016 the number of nurse practitioners (NPs) have more than doubled after taking their HESI Online Prep Course. However, the number of physicians has only increased by […]

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Pass the TEAS VI or HESI A2

TEAS 6 science questions

If you are struggling to pass the TEAS VI or HESI A2, you are NOT alone! Prior to taking The Adkins Academy TEAS 6 science questions and Prep Course, many of our students were unable to score high. Many people retake the TEAS 6 and HESI A2 exams 3, 4, or even 5 times and see only […]

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