5 Steps to Help Prevent Nursing School Burnout

Nursing School Burnout

Nursing School Burnout With the amount of work it takes to graduate from nursing school, burning out is a budding threat from the moment you walk in the door of your first class. It can lead to you feeling unmotivated and detached. Fortunately, there are steps to help prevent Nursing School Burnout. Consider these 5 steps: […]

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Ace Your NCLEX Nursing Test in 8 Steps

NCLEX Nursing Test

NCLEX Nursing Test So, you’ve completed your nursing school requirements, lined up your scholarships and even started shopping for nursing school supplies. Congratulations. Now comes the difficult part. Follow these steps and tips to pass your NCLEX Nursing Test! How To Ace Nursing School If you haven’t found out already, nursing school has some of […]

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5 Apps to Use to Pass Your Nursing Exams

Nursing Apps

Do you want a simple and handy way to study for your nursing exams? Whether you’re studying for TEAS VI, HESI-A2, NCLEX-PN, or NCLEX-RN, we’ve provided a list for some convenient nursing apps to use for studying. These apps are useful for when you’re on the go and don’t want to lug around a huge […]

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Top 5 Study Techniques for Your Nursing Exam

How To Study For Nursing Exam

  Do you want to know how to study for nursing exam for the TEAS VI, HESI A2, and NCLEX RN tests? With our curated list, we’ve provided you with 5 helpful study techniques you’ll be able to use to pass those tests. You may have done a TON of studying in high school and […]

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5 Test Anxiety Strategies with The Adkins Academy

Whether it is a standardized nursing exam like the TEAS, HESI, or NCLEX, or just a big exam you have coming up, you’ve probably experienced some degree of test anxiety. After all, you’ve spent so much time studying for this upcoming test, it’s natural to feel nervous on test day. Believe it or not, it […]

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Why Study Questions are the Perfect NCLEX-RN Test Prep

NCLEX RN Practice Questions

Maybe you can remember everything you’ve ever read. Maybe you consider yourself an expert at creating outlines. Well, we have news, when it comes to NCLEX-RN test prep, study questions are the most effective tool for your time. At this point in your academic career, you have probably established a study method that works best […]

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