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  • Looking for TEAS VI Questions & Prep?

    Well, look no further! Learn to conquer the TEAS VI Test from a Medical Doctor and college professor as your course instructor. With our interactive and problem-based learning format, you will be sufficiently prepared to perform well on the TEAS 6 Test or TEAS 7 Test. So, our LIVE On-line/ Virtual TEAS VI Test Prep Course features high-yield concepts and TEAS VI practice questions guaranteed to prepare you for the Advanced or Exemplary categories. Furthermore, our classes are taught in a small group with plenty of opportunity to answer questions, ask questions, and learn insightful standardized test taking skill. Hence, our TEAS VI Test Prep Virtual Course is perfect for you. Stop waiting!!!

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  • I don’t live in your state, can I still participate in your TEAS Prep Classes?

    ABSOLUTELY!!! In fact, almost all of our students live outside of Florida or Maryland where our offices are located. We work with clients from all over the USA, on different time zones, and even students logging in from international locations. Your class schedule can be uniquely arranged so that you can optimize your learning experience while going to school, working, and taking care of other obligations.

    Our engaging and client focused TEAS Test Prep Course is a small study group lead by a medical doctor – not just Joe Shmoe the tutor.

    Focused on helping clients master the concepts tested on the TEAS VI, our TEAS Review Course provides interactive, problem-based learning sessions with challenging TEAS practice questions, explanations, and effective test strategies for getting your TEAS or HESI Score into the 90s.

    Provided entirely online with additional office hour time for your questions, our TEAS & HESI Review Virtual Classroom can meet you anywhere you are and answer your questions while you study outside of class time. The Virtual Classroom learning format is very interactive with audio, visual, text, whiteboard, polling, and other real-time features, much like a physical classroom except virtual.

    To register please give us a call at (301) 960-4950 today.

  • When are the Live Classes?

    Please check out our Schedule of Classes and Office Hours

    Classes are EVERY Sunday 3pm EST & EVERY Wednesday 6pm EST without fail. Dr. Adkins teaches every class and you are welcome to attend and ask your questions during the Live Classes. Don’t wait, secure your seat now.

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  • How Will You Help Me Get Into The 90s?

    Dr. Adkins goes over questions and concepts with you in real-time. He makes sure you know and understand the concepts they are asking you on the TEAS or HESI or NCLEX exam. You can always ask any questions you have to Dr. Adkins during class or outside of class. All students have Dr. Adkins’s cell number and can call him directly for any questions.

    When you need the best score you should only work with the best TEAS & HESI tutor…

    TEAS Prep Course | Best TEAS Tutor | Live Online | The Adkins Academy

    Dr. Adkins can help you get into nursing school by getting you in the 90s on the TEAS.

  • How Long Are the TEAS & HESI Classes?

    Each class is 5 – 6 hours….BUT remember we are review questions and going over concepts, not just lecturing to you for hours and hours. Think about this an opportunity to go over test questions and get real answers and explanations right away with a Medical Doctor explaining everything to you.

    Also, remember that the TEAS test and HESI test in NOT an hour long exam, it 3-4 hours of concentrating on questions. So Dr. Adkins goes over hundreds of questions with you for 5-6 hours to help you build your endurance for the actual test. There’s a reason why our students consistently get into the 80s and 90s…They put in the work and are prepared.

    #1 TEAS Prep Course | Adkins Academy | Live Online Review Coure

    Dr. Adkins helps students get scores in the 90s so they can get accepted into VERY Competitive Schools to Sac State.

  • How Much Does Your TEAS & HESI Mastery Course Cost?

    Cost is the least of your worries. Getting into a good and inexpensive ADN or BSN nursing school is what’s most important. In fact, getting a GREAT score on the TEAS or HESI can help you very competitive public school that could help you save tens of thousands of dollars.

    Our students usually pay less than $10 per hour. Our MAIN FOCUS is helping our student get accepted into nursing school with TEAS and HESI scores in the 90s. Dr. Adkins provides different options that fit your budget and study schedule. But the sooner you start, the more classes you can take and repeat. So the sooner you start, the more classes you take, the more you master, the better your score. That simple.

    Additionally, consider this…RN’s are make $7k – $8k per week (yes, you read that right, PER WEEK). So by not being in nursing school and not being an RN right NOW, you are missing out on $30,000 per month. So, what are you waiting for???? Start Nursing School Now, because these great salaries may not last forever….

    Nursing Salaries | TEAS Prep | HESI Prep | Adkins Acasdemy

    What are your waiting for? RNs are making $30,000 a month.