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Well, look no further; learn to conquer the TEAS VI Test from a Medical Doctor and college professor as your course instructor. With our interactive and problem-based learning format, you will be sufficiently prepared to perform well on the TEAS 6 Test. Our LIVE On-line/ Virtual TEAS VI Test Prep Course features high-yield concepts and TEAS VI practice questions guaranteed to prepare you for the Advanced or Exemplary categories. Taught in a small group with plenty of opportunity to answer questions, ask questions, and learn insightful standardized test taking skills, our TEAS VI Test Prep Virtual Course is perfect for you. Stop waiting, CALL TODAY (301) 960-4950.
ABSOLUTELY!!! In fact, almost all of our clients live outside of Florida or Maryland where our offices are located. Our engaging and client focused TEAS 5 Test Prep course is a small study group lead by a medical doctor. Focused on helping clients master the concepts examined on the TEAS VI, our TEAS Test Prep Course provides interactive, problem-based learning sessions with challenging TEAS 6 practice questions, explanations, and effective TEAS VI test strategies. Provided entirely online with additional office hour time for your questions, our Virtual Classroom can meet you anywhere you are and answer your questions while you study outside of class time. The Virtual Classroom learning format is very interactive with audio, visual, text, whiteboard, polling, and other real-time features, much like a physical classroom except virtual. We work with clients from all over the USA, on different time zones, and even students logging in from international locations. Your class schedule can be uniquely arranged so that you can optimize your learning experience while going to school, working, and taking care of other obligations. To register please give us a call at (301) 960-4950 today.
We certainly provide interactive, on-line one-on-one and small group instruction with virtual classroom capabilities including audio, visual, text, editing, whiteboard, polling, and other such amenities through our virtual learning platform. We have clients in different states and even different parts of the world who look to us for superior academic enrichment. Contact us to learn more.
The Adkins Academy, Inc has received noteworthy reviews from a number of our clients, partner organizations, high school teachers, and, of course, parents. Many of these reviews can be found online via a simple web search for “The Adkins Academy, Inc Reviews” where you can read reviews from various well-recognized, unsolicited, unbiased websites like (search for Brian Adkins), Yelp, Angie’s List, and others. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read the Recommended as well as "NOT CURRENTLY RECOMMENDED" reviews on YELP!!! Additionally, you can visit our The Adkins Academy, LLC Facebook page to follow us and read more from some of our previous clients who have matriculated into their professional programs like nursing school.
We stand with our clients and provide our clients with the absolute best and most relevant instruction possible. We constantly write new material and challenge our clients to succeed. Our program is thorough, undeniably enlightening, and proven to work. Our instruction helps you to connect the dots and reach the understanding you desire. We Guarantee It!! Our TEAS Test Prep Virtual Course has helped hundreds of clients get into nursing schools all across the US and Canada. We are so confident that we can help you achieve a 78 AIT Score or better on your TEAS VI Test that we offer our clients an opportunity to take our course once again for FREE if he/she does score a 78 AITS or better. No questions ask, you send us your score report after having taken our TEAS V Test Prep Virtual Course, we discuss your score report and areas of improvement, and put you back on the schedule when it’s convenient for you.
The Adkins Academy, Inc is different because we are not just tutors, we are professionals subject experts who are passionate about empowering others and helping our clients to understand and utilize what their learning. We take a holistic approach to working with our clients. In addition to exceptional test preparation, we also focus on an individualized matriculation plan that offers valuable insight to students and parents look to apply to college or professional schools. From college and professional school matriculation assistance to strategic, financial savings approaches, our services provide insightful assistance to help our clients optimize their chances of getting into their desired school for the least cost possible.
While other companies hire solely based on test performance, we are much more selective when we hire instructors. Each one of our instructors holds at least a masters and/or doctorate degree and has several years of specialized primary education teaching experience as a teacher, one-on-one tutor, or college professor. Our instructors have unique expertise and a proven track record for helping students to understand complex material and getting them to see where the material applies to the real world. Additionally, each instructor has years of professional employment experience; therefore, our students benefit from strategic and practical discussions of real world concepts. Our instructors are passionate about helping our clients perform well, as the success of our clients is a direct reflection of our ability to teach.
Though we provide our clients with exceptional instructors with professional degrees, our services are optimized to make the cost economical for you. Our programs are tuition based opposed to hourly based, so if you need 20 hours or 30 hours it will still result in the same cost. We are generously priced below other programs considering all the class time and office hour time we give to our clients. Since we incorporate a number of cost minimizing measures, the economic saving our clients receive are noticeable right away.
We are always seeking talented, academically accomplished, passionate, and positive instructors who effectively connect with students to help them to be EMPOWERED. If this sounds like you, then send us your cover letter and CV / resume to [email protected] for a review of your resume and potentially an interview. You can also take a look at our Employment Opportunities under Our Team in the top menu bar. We also have office staff and internship positions available on our Employment Opportunities page.
NO, we value your privacy and protect your information with the highest quality encryption security. We DO NOT sell your information to advertisers or other institutions seeking your information. For a better understanding of our Privacy Policy please select the PRIVACY POLICY LINK below to read more about our Privacy Policy.
ABSOLUTELY NOT, we do not authorize nor partner with any other websites or companies to sell our products or services. So please DO NOT purchase or send money to any other website claiming to offer a voucher or discount or gift card for The Adkins Academy. If you would like to join one of our courses you can only do so by contacting our office directly to speak with one our our team members who will walk you through the registration process and online payment process. We DO NOT accept vouchers, discount cards, or gift cards from other websites.