Teas Test is it hard

Is the TEAS Test Hard?


How much do you need to study for the TEAS test? Maybe you don’t need to study for the TEAS test at all?


Most future allied health and nursing students find the TEAS test to be challenging. This is evident by the national average of 65. To help you decide how much time you need and how much help you need to score high on the TEAS test, here is an essential FAQ about the TEAS. Let’s start with the question and answer that makes the most significant difference in your preparation for the test.


Is the TEAS test open book?

No, the TEAS test is not open book. You may not use any books or notes to help you answer questions on the exam. You do have scratch paper to use during the test. 


Many questions on the TEAS test require you to apply the knowledge you have, not just regurgitate. You can’t look up the right answer. Even if you could, the TEAS test is timed, so you would spend so much time looking for easy answers that you didn’t get to mark every question. Leaving questions blank WILL COST YOU. 


But can’t I take the TEAS test at home?

You can take the TEAS test from the comfort of your home. So, you can take the TEAS test online as long as it is proctored by a college official or even a representative of the nursing school to which you are applying. You can schedule an online TEAS test in your own home on the ATI website.


But that still doesn’t mean you can use outside help for your test. You will need to stay in full view of your webcam for the entire test. There is no getting up to go to the bathroom, stepping out for a snack, or going out for a quick smoke. Also, your entire background must be visible. Additionally, they are watching and recording you. So don’t even think about cheating at all. If you don’t stay in the shot of your webcam for the entire test, your test will be flagged for review, and your score may be invalidated. If you are suspected of cheating, you will be flagged and possibly banned from being able to take the TEAS test for life – so DON’T CHEAT; it’s not worth it. 


This is a long way of telling you that you cannot use books, notes, or any outside help taking your TEAS!


Are you allowed a calculator on the TEAS test?

You are allowed a calculator when you take the TEAS test. It just won’t be your calculator.

If you take your TEAS test at a testing center, which is what Adkins Academy recommends, you will be provided a four-function calculator by the test center. This calculator does addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, all the mathematical functions you need for the test.


If you take your TEAS test at a testing center, you can raise your hand to get help from the proctor if your calculator does not work. Also, you will get a 10-minute break after the test’s math section.


So, do I get breaks when I take the TEAS test?

You get one break when you take your TEAS test at an approved testing center. If you have to leave the room for urgent matters during the test, other than during your one 10-minute break, you won’t get any extra time. The testing center is set up so you cannot access notes or neighbors during your break.


What is a good TEAS score for nursing school?

Your goal for the TEAS test should always be to earn the highest score possible. There isn’t any single “passing” score, but your opportunities for further study and saving thousands of dollars will depend on how high you score on the test. Here are some ranges.


  • 57.8% to 78% is generally considered “proficient.” It is definitely high enough to get into some highly expensive private school ADN/ASN or BSN program somewhere. You’ll end up paying $80K – $180K for that school, though. It is not high enough to get you into a competitive BSN program anywhere. No matter how strong your other qualifications are, scores in this range will keep you out of most programs.
  • 82% to 89% is considered “advanced.” Scores in this range are adequate for competitive programs. If you earn over 82% on the TEAS test, admissions committees will look at other characteristics in your application to make their final decision. Between 79% and 81%, most competitive schools will put you on the waitlist. 
  • Over 90% is rated as “exemplary.” This shows you are unquestionably academically prepared for your nursing or allied health sciences program. Scores in the 90s do not guarantee admission by themselves, but your chances of getting into the program you want go way up. With the right grades and a 90s TEAS score, you will get into any school you apply to. But there are schools like Emory and Sacramento State and others that have an average of 92 or higher for student who have been admitted. 


What happens if you fail the TEAS test?

There is no score on the TEAS test that is “failing,” although you will have very few options for further study if your score is under 59%. You shouldn’t think of your scores as passing or failing but in terms of whether they are good enough to get you into the program you want.


There’s nothing wrong with trying again to get a higher score to get into your school of choice. You can take the TEAS test up to three times every calendar year. But you should weigh the time you spend preparing for the test with how much you want to get into a particular program.


But remember, the school want good student too. The school’s accreditation and reputation is on the line. If every student they accept is in the 50’s then how many of those students will pass the NCLEX or the nursing school classes. If half the class is failing or dropping out because they are not ready then the school can lose it accreditation.  


I don’t test well. What can I do to get the score on the TEAS that I want?

Many people don’t “test well,” and some have “anxiety” with the test. Even if they did well in their prerequisite classes. Sometimes the problem is the pressure they feel from answering so many questions about so many subjects in so little time, it seems a bit overwhelming for the untrained student. Other times, the real problem is not feeling confident about the concepts and questions on the TEAS test. Some students aren’t sufficiently familiar with the test format to answer questions correctly and quickly. And sometimes, the problem is simply not knowing the test’s subject matter well enough.


For all of these problems, The Adkins Academy is the solution. Review courses at The Adkins Academy are taught by Brian J. Adkins, who holds both an MD and an MBA. Dr. Adkins doesn’t just tutor test questions. He reviews the clinical application of the concepts and can tell you why the TEAS test focuses on a particular issue and how you will use that knowledge in your career. Dr. Adkins has helped over 5,000 students get into the nursing and allied health programs of their choice, and he can help you, too.


Dr. Adkins can help you reach your goals. Contact us at (301) 960-4950 or send us an email at info@adkinsacademy.com. Review more videos and even TEAS & HESI Quizzes at AdkinsAcademy.com/MasteryQuiz.