Demand For Nurses

The need for nurses is increasing at an alarming rate, and it is projected to continue to grow in the next decade. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for nurses is expected to increase by 12% between 2018 and 2028, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. This is due to a number of factors, including an aging population, an increase in chronic conditions, and a growing emphasis on preventative care. So getting your ADN or BSN soon can be a huge opportunity for you to help be apart of the solution. Dr. Adkins of The Adkins Academy can certainly help navigate the process of getting into nursing school.

An aging population is one of the main reasons for the increased demand for nurses. As people live longer and healthier lives, they are more likely to require healthcare services. This includes both acute and chronic care, as well as rehabilitation and home health services. The aging population also has a higher incidence of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, which require ongoing management and care. So if you ever thought of a career in nursing, NOW is the time for you to get started preparing for the TEAS test.

Another factor contributing to the demand for nurses is the growing emphasis on preventative care. With the advent of new

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technologies and treatments, it is now possible to detect and treat many diseases before they become serious. This has led to an increased focus on preventative care, which is often provided by nurses. With that, your passion for helping patients by understanding their disease process is critical. The TEAS and HESI test questions are written with a clinical emphasis to them. So when you start preparing for the TEAS or HESI, definitely consider medical doctor and expert tutor Dr. Adkins for get you into the 90s.

Additionally, the shortage of nurses is not only affecting the healthcare system but also affecting patients and their loved ones. The lack of nurses means longer wait times for appointments and procedures, and an increased risk of medical errors. It also means that nurses are often overworked and stressed, which can lead to burnout and a higher risk of errors. So do your part and become apart of the solution – become a register nurse today. The Adkins Academy TEAS & HESI Mastery Course taught entirely by Dr. Adkins can help you achieve high scores.

In conclusion, the demand for nurses is increasing and will continue to increase in the next decade due to an aging population, an increase in chronic conditions, and a growing emphasis on preventative care. So, it is important to address this shortage by increasing the number of nursing students, promoting a positive image of nursing as a profession, and providing incentives for nurses to continue working in the field. Are you ready to become a nurse? Start by calling Dr. Adkins at 301-960-4950.