Is the TEAS All Multiple-Choice?

The TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) Test is an entrance exam for many nursing schools or nursing programs at colleges and universities. It is also used as an entrance exam for other healthcare-related programs. The TEAS test is often referred to as the ATI TEAS, TEAS 7, or the TEAS VII, but they are all basically the same exams.

Many nursing schools and programs require students to pass this test with a certain score to be admitted into their programs, but not all programs require it. Some universities, colleges, and nursing schools may require their prospective students to take other exams, such as the SAT test, HESI exam, or ACT test.

The TAS test is utilized to determine the amount of knowledge and skill sets that each student possesses before they enter into a nursing or healthcare-related field. This is the reason the TEAS test score is so important to students, because the higher the score, the better their chances are of getting into the program of their choice.

Keep in mind that not every single nursing program throughout the United States will require students to take the TEAS Test. Some colleges, universities, and nursing schools may require prospective students to take other exams, such as the ACT, HESI, and SAT as mentioned above.

There are several different paths to entering into the field of healthcare, but if you must pass the TEAS test to achieve your goal of graduating from nursing school and becoming a registered nurse, you need to find the best way to pass the TEAS test with the highest score possible.

Now, to get you started on your path to success when it comes to the TEAS test by learning more about it and just what constitutes a passing score for this particular test.

Can I get into nursing school with a 68 on the TEAS test?
As we stated above, the higher the score the better for every student that is entering into a nursing program or healthcare-related program that requires a prospective student to pass the TEAS test.

The overall scores can differ from school to school when it comes to the minimum score for students to achieve to be admitted into a nursing program. achieving a high score on the TEAS test is difficult due to the amount of information students need to have before they take the test. The TEAS test consists of four sections including reading comprehension, mathematics, science, and language usage.

Generally, if a student scores between 59 percent and 79 percent on their TEAS exam, they are considered to be proficient in the information involved. With these types of test scores, prospective nursing students are considered as having a certain amount of nursing knowledge and most are qualified to attend medical school programs, but a score of 80 percent to 100 percent is considered to be advanced and basically an exemplary score over other students. A score of 80 percent or higher is always the goal of every student that takes the TEAS exam.

As stated before, the higher the score the better a prospective student’s chances are of getting into the program of their choice. It can also provide them with better career opportunities later on.

If students score less than a 58 percent, it means they are having trouble with their nursing or healthcare knowledge and need to study the information more thoroughly before attempting the test again. Some schools allow students to take the test three times a year, while others only allow it once or twice.

Can you finish the TEAS test early?
The TEAS exam is scheduled to last 209 minutes and is a multiple-choice exam that is divided into four sections. If a student finishes, for example, the English section in 20 minutes but they have 30 minutes to do it, they can go ahead and go on to the next section. Each section has a different time limit, so even though a student starts on a section earlier than expected, they still only get the allotted amount of time to complete that section. In other words, if they finish one section early, it is not going to give them more time for the next section.

If students finish the entire exam early, they can simply be done whether they are testing at a physical location or doing the test online. Students should keep in mind that if they skip a question in a section of the TEAS exam, they cannot come back to it later. Once they leave a section of the exam, they are done with that section.

Does your TEAS score matter?
Yes, a student’s final TAS score definitely matters. If they do not score a 59 percent or above, they are considered to have failed the exam. Most nursing schools and nursing programs, as well as other medical-related fields, require students to score at least a 70 percent or above and many schools want students to score above an 80 percent. This shows the school or program administrators that the student is proficient when it comes to the areas of science, math, English, and reading that they will need throughout their nursing careers and to be successful with their schooling.

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